Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Where Joy Is Wednesday #18 and a Link-Up

Welcome to
 Where Joy Is Wednesday!

Yesterday, the kids and I spent several hours playing outside. We washed the car, we colored on the sidewalk, we played ball, slid down the slide, and ran around getting sweaty and smelly. And loving every minute of it.

I have been challenged to get on the same level as my kids. When they talk to me, I am working to make eye contact with them and truly show them that I am listening. Sometimes my daughter is running around screaming and I am tempted to treat her like a big kid "who knows better" instead of understanding that she's only little for a short time. How I wish I could run around screeching and screaming sometimes! :)

It's easy to be a grown-up sometimes. Today I challenge you to find the joy in the crazy moments of your life, whether it be a wild toddler, a stressed-out husband, or an irritating co-worker. Find the joy there. Laugh. Giggle. Do something fun that you would normal shrug off and replace with "more important work."

Take joy.

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