Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Our First Day of 3-K!

Yesterday we started 3-K! Nathan was so excited to be starting School and I think I was just as thrilled. :) Today has been our second day and it has gone quite well! I will be posting our curriculum soon, but for now, I will tell you a little of how our first two days of school have gone. :)

We began the day with prayer and our Bible reading, then went to work learning to write numbers and letters. Nathan loves writing his capital A and has been working on it for months now. So we began letter identification and practiced writing our upper and lowercase A. Then we moved on to Math. We counted everything we could find in the school room. We did number recognition, used our Math puzzle, and we also practiced writing the number 1. After that, we worked on Art to give him a brain break. Nathan loves drawing and coloring and so while he was having fun creating pictures, we brushed up on identifying each color. :)

Science came next and I absolutely LOVE his Science book. Nathan has a general knowledge of God making everything in the world, but we will be going a little deeper learning songs about creation, and doing projects to learn more about what God created on each day. We ended our school day with a fun puzzle of the USA and then it was free time/play time! Nathan has loved his first two days and I am equally pleased with his enthusiasm and his eagerness to learn. Here are some highlights!

His first day!

Hard at work writing his numbers.
Letter writing and recognition
I set up a chair for Selah in the corner near the children's
books and some puzzles to keep her occupied. :)
Loving his Match-It Math puzzle

Currently, our plan is to have school 3 days a week and it usually lasts about two hours each day. What about you? Do you homeschool? Have you started the school year yet?

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