Hi! My name is Kristen and welcome to Where JOY IsI am a twenty-something redeemed sinner and child of God. I am the wife of my best friend, Grant; and mommy of three little people. 

I was raised by loving and God-fearing parents, home educated, and I pretty much lived in Church growing up. I was introduced to the message of the cross early in life, so by the beautiful grace of God, Jesus captured my heart at the tender age of 5 years old and has been romancing me and astounding me with His love ever since!

In my teen years, God opened the door for me to travel all around the world, to write two small booklets for teenagers, to speak to countless youth groups about the beauty of purity, to record two solo CDs, and to be invited into many public schools to encourage students to live a set-apart life.  
I met my studly husband in 2007 and after three years of friendship that blossomed into full-on LOVE, we married in April of 2010. {{ I seriously want to gush about him, but I'll spare you. For now. ;) }}

We welcomed our precious son, Nathan, in April of 2011, our beautiful daughter, Selah, in February of 2013, and our third child, Lily, in December of 2014. We believe children are a gift from God and those three little munchkins make my heart smile a little bigger and my sanity slip a further every day! :)

Here you are invited to join with me as I share my triumphs, my struggles, and every little thing that God is teaching me as I walk with Him through this life. Here you will read about cooking disastersmarital mysteries, homemaking adventures, the rollercoaster ride of pregnancy and parenting, and mommyhood in all it's glory - from spit-up to pull-ups! 

Where JOY Is is not just a blog, it's a ministry. And its mission is to offer encouragement to women in all seasons of life. As a woman, it's so easy to lose our joy trying to fit in with pop culture and its pull towards external beauty and temporary relationships. As a wife and mother, it's easy to lose our joy in trying to "keep up with the Jones's" and measure up to a man-made standard. And as a homemaker, we sink into the mire of discouragement as our place is condemned and belittled by those with a career outside of the home. The purpose of Where JOY Is is to raise awareness for abstinence and purity, to promote Godly marriage and motherhood, inspire a love for missions and ministry, and to showcase the power and beauty of set-apart and gospel-centered living in today's culture. 

Above all, this is a spot that I pray will encourage you to have the joy of the Lord in every season of your life.

Feel free to connect with me via E-mail or on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!


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Anonymous said...

Kristen, I love reading your blog! There are so many helpful things written here for us readers. I have been struggling lately with something that applies to wives and I was wondering if you might one day write a post about submitting to our husband's. Thanks for the encouraging writing!


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