Friday, August 1, 2014

Latest News and Baby #3 Gender Reveal!

Things have been busy in my world lately. Last Friday, we dressed in pink and blue and went in for the gender reveal ultrasound for baby #3! My little boy, Nathan, was so excited when we told him he could come in and see "the cool camera that can take pictures of the baby in mommy's tummy." We gathered together in the exam room and patiently waited....and waited.

We watched as my doctor looked and checked measurements and Nathan had many questions about the weird pictures on the TV screen. :) Finally, she looked at me and said, "It looks like a girl!"

To be completely honest, I was stunned. We had been convinced this baby would be a boy. However, it's funny that upon learning I was pregnant, we immediately had a girl's name but never could decide on a boy name. God always knows. :) I am overjoyed to have another little bundle of sugar and spice to dress up and be girly with.

Two days later, I packed up and headed to Missouri with three of my sisters to speak at a Purity conference. What a joy! We had a blast and I loved meeting young girls who love Jesus and have a desire to honor Him with their lives. We spent two days there fellowshipping and digging into what God's word has to say about purity, purpose, beauty, modesty, and living a set-apart life in today's culture. It was a blessing!

Now things are settling down to normal and I am enjoying time with my little family. We have much to do in the coming months. We have baby prepping, more canning, organizing, a few trips, Church, our prison ministry, getting Nathan started with his 3K and, of course, lots of fun raising and training my little rascals.

As you live your life, don't forget to live it for the One who gave it to you. May we always be mindful of His goodness and His love.

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