Monday, June 17, 2013


Motherhood is a glorious thing. God chose to create our bodies with the ability to grow and birth new life. We feel the little kicks and the hiccups, and our bodies stretch to accomodate a living soul. We experience the labor pains and our body clamps down to push a child into the world, and we nurse our wee one as they cling to our pinky finger. It is truly miraculous. But sometimes in the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth, the Dads are left out of the mix and it is forgotten just how incredible their role is too!

my Dad holding me as a baby
The traits of God are visible in how He created us. Think about it. As mothers, we delight in beauty and love and in nurturing. Our bodies bear the evedience of children by our hips stretching, our stomachs growing, and scars where we have sacrificed our body so that another might life. Sound familiar? But the fathers deliver a beautiful picture of Christ as well. They hold the life-giving seed. They are the protectors, the providors, the leaders. They are the strong ones; the ones ready to do battle with the enemy for the souls of their family. That's a picture of who God is too.

As a little girl, my Dad was responsible for teaching me about who God was. When I disobeyed, there were consequences. Through this I learned about sin and the reprecusions of sin. When I was repentant, there was forgiveness. Through this I learned about the grace of God and about restoration. When I strayed, there was a warning and a call to come back. Through this I learned about accountability. It was in his obedience to "train up a child in the way he should go" that I learned about salvation and living the Christian life. It was my mother's responsibility to keep those things in the forefront of my mind and to raise me with those truths instilled in my heart. But it was my father's responsibility to teach them to me directly.

my husband reading to our two children
Father's Day was yesterday, but that doesn't mean that we cannot continue to praise fathers today. If you were blessed with a godly earthly father, let him know how much he is appreciated and treasured. Continue to pray for him. If you are married, I encourage you to get behind your husband and be his helpmeet. You're in this together and both of your jobs are vital! Praise him and encourage him. His role is important! Sometimes we get all too caught up in our mothering duties - the feeding, changing, cleaning, and raising of little ones - and we completely forget about the enormous responsibility that Dads have themselves. Be his cheerleader and thank God for him.

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