Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Essential Oils in Pregnancy

I am not a doctor, midwife, herbalist, or anything of the like. 
The information in this blog post is just that - information
This is simply what I have learned and what I tried in my pregnancy. 
Do your own research before you use Essential Oils. 

It is believed that one drop of essential oil is equal in medicinal strength to twenty-eight cups of herbal tea. Wow! My second pregnancy was my first time to use EO's while expecting and I simply love everything about them. You can use Essential Oils three ways. 1) Topically, 2) Internally, and 3) Aromatically. After some research, I decided to try a few Essential Oils for various pregnancy ailments. This is what I used:

Wild Orange essential oil is great for morning sickness. It also helps with colds and indigestion. You can use it topically, by blending it with cream, massage oil, or lotion and massaging it onto your skin when needed. Or you can use Wild Orange EO aromatically by adding it to hot water in a bowl and breathing in the vapors. 

Lavender is one of the most common Essential Oils and is known to be relaxing. I occasionally put a few drops in my bath. But along with being a relaxant, it has antidepressant and anti-fungal properties. Lavender EO is also an antihistamine, is anti infectious, and works as an anti-inflammatory. It also helps with fluid retention. Because it is also known to help with stretch marks, in my last weeks of pregnancy, I deluded the oil and massaged it on my belly. I had no new stretch marks this pregnancy and the ones I had in my previous pregnancy are very light. Before we headed to the hospital, I labored at home and kept my Lavender EO close to help me relax and release the tension in my muscles. It is definitely one of my favorite Essential Oils that I will always keep on hand.

Lemon is wonderful for nausea and morning sickness! All you have to do is put a few drops of the Lemon EO on a cotton ball and keep it close. Or you can rub a small drop behind your ears. The smell is invigorating and wakens the senses. When mixed with Lavender EO, you can also rub it on your skin for stretch marks!

Clary Sage essential oil is something I had in my bag for labor. It should be avoided in early pregnancy because it can cause miscarriage. Also, do not confuse it with Sage oil, as that has been proven to cause miscarriage as well. However, once your labor has begun, Clary Sage EO can actually help the process. The smell itself can intensify contractions and speed up the process. Breathing it it can often lead to an easier birth, which is why I had it with me. Though I didn't have time to use it during labor, I did add a little to my bath water in the last week of my pregnancy to keep myself relaxed. Rubbing the belly with Clary Sage EO helps in relaxation, especially when mixed with Lavender EO.

Though we should never rely on anything but the healing power of Jesus, I am very thankful for the things God has given us in nature that aid our health and help strengthen our bodies.

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