Friday, October 1, 2010

Baby "LEE" Update -- TWELVE WEEKS!

Today marks the beginning of my second trimester. HOORAY!!! I am 12 weeks pregnant and beginning to feel like a pregnant woman. My jeans are beginning to get tight. I am feeling clumsy and dizzy and fatigued. My nausea is subsiding, my appetite is getting strange, and my abdomen has a slight, barely-there bump! Next week, I will go for my second appointment and second ultrasound! I will, once again, hear my baby's heart beat. This time, I will also see little arms and legs flailing about! How exciting!!

Currently, "baby Lee" is about the size of a plum! His/her average size being about 2.1 inches and .49 oz. The fingers and toes are formed, arm and leg joints are working, the heart is beating strong, blood is circulating, and almost all of his/her systems are fully formed! Any time in the next couple of weeks, I could feel the first of many flutters in my tummy!

Life is fragile and beautiful and amazingly intricate. HOW CAN WE DOUBT a God so big??

Acts 7:50 -
"Hath not my hand made all these things?"

Psalm 95:6 -
"O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker."


Hannah V said...

Will you get an u/s at every appointment? I'm a little jealous. :) My doctor only does 2 during the pregnancy. BUT, I get my third Tuesday because they want to check growth. :) So I'm excited.

Kristen Lisemby Lee said...

I am supposed to get one at each appointment. My doctor is AWESOME!! :)

Santana Vitales (Hey That's Me!) said...

YOu dont know how i am excited for you i am!!


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