Friday, March 28, 2014

Instilling Scripture into Young Hearts

The first five years of a child's life are what I call the "soaking years." They are sponges! They absorb everything and soak up so much information. And they learn quick! So it is vital that parents seize these formidable years to instill the Word of God in their children's little hearts. I want my children to know and love God's Word at an early age. I want their hearts to be primed so they will be tender and easily receptive when the voice of God speaks to them.

It's so important to saturate our children with Scripture. I'll be honest, in the hustle of the mornings, it's been hard for me to stop and sit down with my children and read the Bible to them. I finally said "No more!" We are in a war, and if I don't do my job in bringing them up with a knowledge and love for all things Jesus, then I've failed as a parent. My husband is diligent in praying with our kids every night before bed. Being as he leaves for work before they awake in the mornings, I decided to take breakfast time as "Bible time." Each morning, I sit them in their seats with their breakfast and I sit down with my coffee and my Bible. We read one chapter, I explain what I've read, then we go over Nathan's Bible verse. He has seven Scriptures memorized and can recite them easily with little to no help from me! Here are five tips for teaching Scripture to your toddler:

  1. Start small. The Scriptures that I have chosen to teach Nathan are either small or I have cut them in half. Don't overwhelm them, just start with an easy, small piece of a verse.
  2. Repetition! We go over each Scripture piece by piece. And then we repeat it over and over and over and over and....
  3. Be expressive. Use your eyes, your facial expressions, your body - whatever. Make whatever verse you have chosen come to life.
  4. Make it fun. I have literally rapped a Bible verse simply to make it fun and enjoyable. It works. We have danced. We have clapped. We have put a tune to the Scripture (we also use Scripture songs, which are a huge hit!) Whatever method you choose, make things fun and entertaining.
  5. Explain. Don't just teach them words. Teach them THE Word. Tell them what it means. Put it into their spectrum of understanding. That will go a long way to keeping it in their mind.

Today I am sharing the first six verses I taught Nathan. I carefully hand picked what verses I wanted him to learn so, as he grows, he will understand elements of coming to the Lord in salvation.

Click here for the free printable version.

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Caroline @ Anchored In His Grace said...

This is an awesome, simple way to approach scripture with children-no matter their age! We used to have Bible time at breakfast as well, but it's moved to other parts of the day. However, I think that's a great place to do it. Everyone eats at the same time, and I have their attention at the breakfast table. Thanks for sharing this! Found you at A Mama's Story link-up. :)


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