Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Banana Pudding Cake

A few nights ago, I told Nathan that once he had his bath, I would get him a piece of cake. He looked at me with big, wide eyes and asked, "It yor birfday??"

I said, "No, it's not my birthday."

He got excited and asked, "It MY birfday??!"

*ahem* We DO eat cake on occasions other than birthdays... like on a Tuesday night. :) And this cake is a huge hit with Nathan. And with me too. Today I'm sharing it with you.

I love banana pudding. And I love cake. Why not put the two of them together, eh? :) This is a great recipe that I stumbled upon and modified. And boy, is it DELICIOUS!! Seriously. You are going to want to give this a go. Here's how you make it:

1 box yellow cake mix (& ingredients to make cake)
2 small boxes of instant banana pudding
4 c milk 
20 vanilla wafers, crushed 
8 oz whipped topping (optional)
sliced bananas (optional)

First, you need to bake your cake, according to the directions on the box. After the cake has cooled, poke some holes in it. Don't forget to do this! It makes it more moist and so much tastier! Make the holes deep enough, going all the way to bottom, and enough so it's even. Next, prepare your pudding mixture. Combine the milk and the instant pudding mix, whisking until there are no lumps. Pour it all over the cake, making sure you get the pudding into the holes you've made in the cake. Cover it up! The next few steps can be done according to your preference. The original recipe says to refrigerate for a couple of hours, then top with whipped cream, crushed vanilla wafers, and sliced bananas. I cover the cake with the wafers and forgo the whipped cream and bananas. Either way is delicious! Like I said, it's simply a matter of your personal preference. Regardless, it's absolutely mouthwatering and....chock full of calories. But it's okay to indulge every now and then. :)

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