Monday, February 3, 2014

Keeping Marriage Sacred

We have all had "the talk" and we are well aware of the in's and out's of procreation and physical intimacy. So let me be frank.

It's time for the marriage bed to 
go back behind closed (and locked!) doors.

I believe God designed marriage and its intimacy to be between one man and one woman. As a Christian, I believe marriage is sacred and the marriage bed should be protected; at all costs. Sadly, though, it isn't so sacred anymore.

Years before I married Grant, I read an article that encouraged young couples to make their bedroom a haven; to keep it neat and tidy, smelling nice, and have an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. It should be a place that is pleasant and enjoyable to be in, not cluttered with smelly laundry, papers from work, or last night's supper. I remembered that advice and now work to make sure our bedroom is always clean and relaxing. Why? Because to us, it's a sacred place.

I cringe every time I hear a wife sharing with others what goes on behind closed doors. It's become the norm to exploit our personal lives for the entertainment of others. And Facebook - ahh Facebook - it is certainly not a place to reveal the going's on in your private time with your husband. Three's a crowd, y'all! Fellow wives, may I give you some advice? 

Keep your marriage that holy union where two become one - sacred

Marriage is a covenant that is binding. The marriage bed is a place where God has given you permission to consummate that covenant; where you are given a licence to love and enjoy your spouse in the purity and glory of the vows you have made. It's where memories - and babies! - are made. It's a safe haven for secrets, tears, and your deepest dreams and fears. It's meant to be holy. It's meant to be protected. And private.

Hebrews 13:4a says, "Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled...

Let's not defile the marriage bed by exposing it to a third party or by inviting others into our bedroom by way of a girl's night out chat. I have no business knowing your preferences or the details of what God calls sacred.

Let's reclaim the purity and sacredness of our marriages again!

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Sheila at Longings End said...

Definitely, Kristen. What goes on in the marriage bed, stays in the marriage bed and behind closed doors as you so aptly stated. The most intimate moments are meant only for husband, wife and God. Blessings to you and yours...


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