Monday, January 27, 2014

Mondays and my goal for the week

Good Monday Morning to you! :)

This morning, as I sent my husband off to work and sat down with my Bible to read to my kids, I was completely overcome with gratitude. I've been so weepy these last few months, and easily brought to tears. -- No, I am not pregnant, just in case you were wondering! I am so thankful that I can be home with my children and teach them every day. I'm so thankful for a precious husband who loves more than I deserve. I'm thankful for a warm house in this cold, winter weather. Our God is good. :) :)

Most people detest Mondays but I really enjoy the beginning of a new week. Monday is my catch-up day, my planning-for-the-week day, and usually my cleaning day. And I have lots to do today.

Hunting season is over, so I have this mountain of camo to wash and put away for my husband, plus the average loads of bed sheets and weekend clothes. Bleh. Who else hates laundry??!

There's dishes to clean, a grocery list to make, supper to prepare, floors to mop, planning for my baby girl's first birthday party (I still cannot believe she is about to a year old!), and then the greatest job of all - training these two little ones.

My goal for this week to stop and look. I want to STOP scurrying around doing everything under the sun and LOOK at my husband. STOP going from job to job and LOOK at my children who are growing up so fast I have a hard time accepting it. I really have a bad habit of getting in a hurry or letting my to-do list take precedence over enjoying the gifts God has given me. So in the midst of all my chores, my goal for this week is enjoy the moments (and oh my golly, the smiles!) like this. :)

What about you? Do you like Mondays? Do you have any goals for the upcoming week? :)

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