Monday, February 10, 2014

5 Ways to Make Your Bedroom a Romantic Sanctuary

Valentine's Day is in just a few days, so love is very much on the brain. Last week, I wrote about keeping our marriage sacred. Today, along those same lines, I'm going to give you five ways you can make your bedroom a romantic sanctuary. Here we go!

Keep it neat. I'm the type that cannot relax if there's clutter and junk all over the room. When we come back from a trip, I try to unpack immediately. If it's been a hectic day and I'm completely spent, I at least toss the scattered clothes in the closet out of sight. It's just difficult for me to settle down and genuinely rest when I see unrest all around me. Our bedroom is my number one priority spot that I try to make sure is neat at all times. A crazy, unkempt room doesn't exactly scream "romance!"

Make it smell nice. Light a good candle. Wash your sheets regularly. Go get an Essential Oil diffuser. You don't want your bedroom smelling like dirty laundry or leftover chicken (or diapers for you parents!). Make your bedroom smell nice and inviting.

Keep the kids out. Now I am a big advocate of co-sleeping and attachment parenting. But too much of a good thing can be unhealthy. I had both of my children in my bed for pretty much the first month of their lives. Nathan slept in our room for nearly a year (thankfully, he is a very heavy sleeper!). With Selah being a light sleeper and very clingy, we made the decision to transition her to her own room before she began viewing our room as "her" room. It was tough and there were some interesting nights, but we are reaping the rewards now. Our children are welcome in our bedroom and we love cuddling with them, but we began to teach them early on that their bedroom is where they will sleep. And honestly speaking, it's very hard to be romantic when you are worried about waking the sleeping baby three feet away....or snoozing right beside you! If we aren't careful, our kids will take custody of our marriage, so it is important to teach them that mommy and daddy's relationship comes first. And it's important that both you and your husband have YOUR place where you are free to relax and be with one another.

Don't have a TV. Grant and I decided before we married that we would not have a TV in our bedroom. TV is a romance killer and takes away from focused, one-on-one time for you as a couple. So ditch it. Spend your time together talking, sharing, cuddling, and sleeping without the distraction of a movie or television show.

Hang pictures of you as a couple. Your bedroom is about the two of you. And your relationship is above all other earthly relationships. Have reminders of that all around you.

What about you? Is your bedroom a romantic haven?

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