Friday, July 12, 2013

Smile at Your Husband

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Marriage takes work. Life is hectic and, I don't know about you, but it is easy to loose each other in the hustle and bustle of our comings and goings. As wives, it's easy to let our day-to-day tasks overcome us and make us....well....a bit mean. So let me just say....

Smile at your husband.

I'm learning that this is important. Very important. My husband has told me so. He doesn't want to come home to a grouch or to a woman ready to start firing demanding remarks.

He wants a smile.

Yes, the laundry is backed up and there are dishes in the sink. Yes, the children have kool-aid stains on their faces and dried, crusty peanut butter in their hair. Yes, you are in your sweats and a t-shirt covered with spit up. Yes, you are frustrated. Tired. Maybe a bit angry.

But smile at him.

It is easy to greet my husband with an "it's about time" attitude when he walks through the door. You know what I mean. I've been cleaning your house, washing your clothes, and training your kids all day. Now that you're home, where is my reward?

No, sister. Smile.

You were created by God to be this man's help meet. Not his boss or his criticizer. He made you to complete this man and to compliment this man. He made you to be his partner. His friend. His confident. His forever mate.

Smile at him.

Your husband chose you. He chose you to be the queen of his home, the mother of his children, and the love of his life. No, he's not perfect. He's a fallen sinner, just like you. All the more reason to offer him grace and love...

And a smile.

Life is full of the unexpected. The dishwasher breaks. The children get sick. The bathroom floods. The tires go flat. The bills stack up. The demands demand more.

But in the middle of the chaos, we can choose either to be full of joy or full of pouts and complaints. It's our choice. Through the dirt, sweat, spit up, or throw up, we make a choice every day to either build up our marriage with a sweet smile and a little flirtation, or to tear down our marriage with a short fuse and sarcasm. I encourage you, no matter how your day goes, when your man walks in through the door, turn your head to him, bat your eyes....and smile.


Pamela said...

KRISTEN, Thank you for opening your life book to others. I was just sharing with a dear friend yesterday about a book on strengthening marriages but I was mentioning how the writer was seriously BASHING June Cleaver on Leave it to Beaver for greeting her husband at the door in her best dress and pearls. Ok, I know the perfect dress and pearls misses reality just a smidgen) But, in June's defense, she made her man PRIORITY and valued - Oh and YES, she was usually wearing a SMILE. I recalled my mom made a point to stop life (instant freeze! kids frozen in mid-air... girls jumping on beds, brother literally making his final superman leap over stacked chairs, rice boiling over on stove) to be at the door on my dad's arrival from work to greet him with a kiss (less the best dress and pearls.) At that time it was so part of our life I thought that is what you were suppose to do. Later it seemed mmmm just a bit much - especially when babIES came along. I am sure most would chime, ridiculous, it aint happenin'! UNFREEZE: Look where we are now. *Gals, I am challenging you (and myself) to choose wisely for your happier-ever-after marriage's sake.

Even when you don't want to, go the extra mile for your Prince in your own life's castle of chaos.

p.s. Put on a smile, ... - Guys ARE visual.

KRISTEN, THANKS! "It's GOOD to be reminded"

Mekenna E. said...

This was very encouraging for a potential wife in the future. Thank you for sharing.


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