Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Don't Show My Son That

My family and I just returned from our yearly vacation to the beach. As always, it was a wonderful trip and we had a lovely time. But while there, enjoying my little boy splash in the pool, I watched as little girls and their mothers entered the water; some wearing less than your average undergarments. Some of these precious girls playing alongside my little boy were wearing string bikinis that matched their mothers'.

I'm not okay with that.

I thank the Lord that my little boy is still too young to understand the battle that's ahead for him. But even in the midst of my thankfulness, I am bothered. It won't be long until he does understand. It will be sooner than it ought to be before my little boy looks up and sees the scantly clad women all around him. And he will be tempted to indulge his eyes in it because they refuse to cover up.

And I'm not okay with that.

I am a woman. Somewhere inside me is a fleshly desire to dress sexy and show off my curves. I get it. I struggle too. But I am a Christian woman; a woman bought with the innocent blood of a holy God who commands me to honor Him with my dress. And though I may struggle, my biggest desire is to obey Him.

I know we live in a society that tells us to flaunt "what God gave ya!" But coming from a mommy who loves Jesus and wants to protect the purity of her little boy, don't show my son that! My son doesn't need to see your skimpy outfits. He doesn't need to see your cleavage or your thighs. He doesn't need to watch you swim in nothing more than your bra and panties (yes, I said it). He doesn't need to see that. You can tell me to simply teach him to exhibit some self control. You can tell me to stay home if I don't like how the real world is. But let me encourage you to let Christ have control and let Him lead you to honor Him with the way you and your children dress. Let me encourage you to come out from the world and be ye separate. Let's help one another in this battle for purity.

We are already forced to live in a sex saturated culture. Movies, magazines, music, TV shows, commercials, billboards - it is all soaked in lust. You can't even watch a hamburger commercial without being exposed to a sultry woman baring half her body and using seductive tactics. From a mother, let me tell you that my job is going to be hard enough. Help me out, okay? Don't show my son your body.


Mekenna E. said...


Katie @SimpleFoody said...

Amen! As a mother of two boys and two girls I totally get it!

Anonymous said...

And my husband doesn't need to see it either. Sometimes I wonder where to tell my husband to look (at the sky? at the ground? just close his eyes?)!


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