Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Getting Sand Off Of You and Your Kids

Last week we vacationed at the beach. It was thoroughly enjoyable listening to the sound of the waves and watching my little boy play with his daddy. I like the beach. But I'm not particularly fond of sand. Oh, I love walking on it and looking at it, but I do not like how it gets everywhere. It is impossible to leave the beach without having sand stuck to your skin. I am a very organized person who likes things neat and tidy and so sand all over the place just doesn't go on my list of an easy-peasy experience. And going to the beach with a baby and a toddler, well, let's just say I wasn't looking forward to the cleanup post-beach trip.

But I discovered a - dare I say miracle working - sand remover! Baby powder. Yes, your everyday baby product. When my little boy tossed a handful of sand onto me, all this momma had to do was rub some baby powder on and voila! the sand came right off. I can't tell you how exciting it was for me to be able to sand down myself, my husband, and my kiddos with something so simple. Try it, mommas. It works.

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Mekenna E. said...

Awesome, I'll have to remember that!! I agree I don't like the post beach clean-up either. I prefer to leave how I came. ;-)


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