Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sound Asleep

Courtesy: A Wise Woman Builds Her Home

Dear Mothers of America,

As our nation arises this morning from a sound sleep I would like the opportunity to awaken us all from another type of 'sound sleep' that is subtle, dangerous and destroys.

We, as 21st century families and mothers, have been lulled to sleep by...

* government propaganda that desires to control our homes, right down to how worship and educate and raise our children.

* feminists theories that whisper from us from the magazines and books on the racks that falsely dictate what home and family life for us should be like and what our 'rights' are.

* consumerism that threatens and robs us of our financial and future well-being.

* entertainment that blinds us and permeates practically every fiber of our being as we run from our plasma TV's to our laptops to our cell phones, ipods and Wii's.

* worldly philosophy that turns our hearts away from home and God, dictating that buying more 'stuff' for our children than our parents bought for us somehow makes us successful parents. (In turn we neglect teaching them about God because we are too busy making the money to buy them the all 'stuff' they don't need and end up taking for granted anyway. Really though-- why bother, isn't that the youth pastors job anyway?)

The alarm is sounding.... WILL YOU WAKE UP? Or will you join the millions of woman who have bought the lies of this century--which are not new but have been whispered from the very beginning of time in a garden called Eden?

The alarm is sounding...WILL YOU SAVE YOUR FAMILY? Or will you mindlessly continue to run the rat-race? You know, the one where you allow others to dictate your life to you, and you change what you know your heart is leading you to do because you begin to follow someone else's prescription for your life?

WILL YOU SAVE YOUR CHILDREN? Or will you let others raise them and disciple them to the worlds glory and not the Lord's? To serve a humanistic pagan agenda instead of seeking first the kingdom of God? Look well to ways of your household, mothers,and do not eat the bread of idleness, lest your children be stolen from you.

WILL YOU SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE? Because this takes courage. You cannot be easily swayed or influenced by a magazine article, TV show or unruly, critical girlfriend or family member. You have to grow a spine of steel because you understand your calling. You understand that if you are going to take part in the reformation of history and culture that it will take faithful steadfastness and a bold spirit of courage.

The alarm is sounding...WILL YOU WAKE UP?

WILL THEY WAKE UP? Or will it be too late?

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