Thursday, April 28, 2011

Post-Partum and Me || pt 1

So it has been two weeks since I gave birth to a little boy who has stolen mine and Grant's heart.

How am I doing? What have I learned? What is life like now?

Let me tell you a bit....

  • Itching. I thought I had itching fits while still cooking baby Nathan. BOY, was I wrong! My skin itches like woah! I have tried Vitamin E oil, Palmer's Coco Butter, Benadryl, Arbonne's RE9 cream, drinking more water, using different soaps... I could coat my skin in lotion and still itch "like woah!" After annoying my doctor with phone calls, I have concluded that it is either hormones, the medicine still in my system, or both.
  • Sleep. Wait....what is sleep?? I forgot. :p Feedings every two-three hours has been a challenge. I am the type of person who likes to get in bed and crash! I like to fall asleep and not wake up or get up until the sun is up. SO, waking every two hours in the night to feed and change a baby has been....umm...different, to say the least. It is difficult to adjust, but I am trying to use the awake-in-the-middle-of-the-night minutes to pray. It has helped enormously.
  • Overwhelmingness. Is that a word?? If not, then I just created it. I don't care how "ready" you think you are, you are never fully prepared to have your first child. It is wonderful but it is VERY overwhelming to think that this little person relies on you for everything. It is overwhelming to think that it is up to you to see that this tiny baby grows in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Everything changes. And if you're not careful, you get overwhelmed. I have had my moments of sitting down and thinking, "What do I do?!" I have been completely overwhelmed in the last two weeks. But aren't you glad that we are never alone in any situation, due to the strength of God? I am!
  • Weight Loss. I am not back in my pre-pregnancy jeans, yet, but I feel sooooooooo much better to not be in my nine-months-pregnant jeans anymore. I will say that my appetite has shrunk dramatically. I'm trying to remind myself that even though I'm not pregnant anymore, I still need to eat normal and healthy.
  • Stretch marks. Ew. I'll just say that I will wear my "battle scars" proudly....until they fade away. :p hehe

That's it for now. In short, I'm taking it one glorious day at a time. 


Lisa said...

Praying for you, dear! <3

Rachelle said...

I missed this first one somehow... although you told me most of it in our last convo. Glad you are continuing to heal and feel better - and getting a LITTLE more sleep!


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