Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's Christmas Time

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? My first as a wife was different, but enjoyable. All the food, the visiting, the food, the laughter, the food, the napping.....and the food. This year, I made my first pumpkin pie. I've never been much of a pie person (I prefer cake!) but - it was Thanksgiving! You have to have pies! So I made a yummy, holiday-ish treat that didn't turn out half bad! I hope you all had a very wonderful, relaxing, and filling Thanksgiving!

AND NOW - The Christmas season has officially begun! Hooray! Yesterday, I braved the cold and went out shopping, to
experience my first "Black Friday." It was not the horrific experience I expected. It was actually quite fun! Of course, I am not the type of person to camp out outside Target in wet, windy, 30 degree weather just to be first in line to get the best deal. I value my warm bed and the effects of a good night's sleep a bit more. I am not the type who stands in line for 4+ hours in Wal-Mart to get $40 off an item. No way. And I am definitely not the type to trample other women to grab the hottest toy or appliance. Come on! Ridiculous. But I am the type to get up early and go out to various stores and shop for Christmas on the first official day of Christmas shopping. I may not be first in line, but there is definitely nothing wrong with "gleaning the fields" in Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl's, Home Depot, Lowe's, Sears, etc. And it was fun! I came home with Christmas shopping finished!

Accomplished feeling? Check.

Now it's decorating time! And I have enjoyed my first Christmas decorating experience as a wife in my new home! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you, readers!


Hannah V said...

I love your wreath....I think next year I will try and put one on our front door. :) This year I've confined my decorating to the basement(and a tiny bit in the kitchen) because I just don't know if I will be up to taking it all down after Christmas.

Nancy said...

Great job on finishing the Christmas shopping! I went to Walmart at midnight. It was frightening and we left immediately. We did go back later in the day and all was well at that time but didn't get some of the great deals. Your pie looks yummy! I'm a pie girl.
Enjoy your Christmas season.


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