Monday, April 14, 2014

our weekend in pictures + Nathan's 3rd birthday!

My little boy cannot be three years old! How did he go from this....

To this!

Saturday, we invited family and friends to our home for a fun day of fish-frying, flying kites, and jumping in the bouncy house. We played hard. :) Then yesterday, we celebrated three years with our Nathan. He has been such a joy these past three years. Our imaginative, funny, and friendly little boy who loves music and all things "supa-hee-wo!" is swiftly growing up. He has such a sweet personality and we are beginning to see the Lord working in his tender heart. Oh, I am anxious to see all the mighty things God has in store for this little boy. :) I have resolved to hold him a little more and soak up these little years. They are going by too fast.

Here is our weekend in pictures. :)

Flying kites with daddy

It was a perfect day for flying kites! We had about five or six kites going at one time :) 

Little sister and cousin T enjoying the slide

The amazing Superman cake! -- made by my sister.

Our family <3

Stay little, sweet boy. Stop growing up so fast....

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Anonymous said...

Super cute pictures, Kristen! Your sister did an amazing job on the cake :) Hope you have a beautiful week!


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