Friday, August 23, 2013

They Grow Up Fast

Here they are. So tiny and precious, both just a few hours old. My little boy and my little girl.

Sometimes I really miss those newborn days.

But the days and milestones that follow are a wonder in and of themselves.

Now my little boy is a two-year-old package of dirty fingernails and dried tomato juice on his face.
He is an imaginative, laid-back, precious, and sweet little man.
Once he was a babbling little crawler. Now he is a talking runner with plenty of energy.

Now my little baby girl is a six-month-old bundle of cute smiles and squishy baby rolls.
She is a fierce, adorable little go-getter, with a hunger for adventure.
It only took six months for her to sit up, crawl, and pull up. She is growing fast.

People told me when I was pregnant with Nathan to cherish the moments.
Because it goes by fast. They grow fast.
I nodded and smiled and said that I would do just that.
But I did not believe they would grow this fast.

DO cherish the moments. 

I am the type of woman who likes to have things in order. Clean. Or tidy at best.
But the dishes can wait sometimes.
That load of laundry? It will be there come naptime.
But messy kisses and baby giggles? That doesn't last long. 
So I am soaking it up.
Soon my little boy will be a big boy. 
In a blink, he will be in 1st grade....5th grade...high school...
Soon, my baby girl won't be squealing and blabbing. She will be talking. Running.
Soon, they will both be grown.

They grow fast. We only have a few short years to influence them.
Only a few long days and nights to teach them.
Only a little while to hold them, nurture them, and get them ready for adulthood.

Cherish every second.
They grow up fast.

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