Monday, August 26, 2013

Miley, Gaga, and Me: Answering My Daughter's Future Questions

Mommy, why is she in her underwear? Because she doesn't know Jesus, baby. And because He is not living inside her, she doesn't know why He tells us to cover our bodies. She does not understand the shame she is bringing on herself when she exposes what God said to save for marriage.

Mommy, why is she moving like that? Because she thinks that she is desirable that way. She thinks she is beautiful and wanted if she acts seductive. But you know what the Bible says? It says that way leads to destruction. Always be a lady. Be kind, gracious, gentle, modest, and pure.

Mommy, why is this music bad? Because it praises what God said is sin. It is not glorifying His name or encouraging our hearts. It is just a cheap counterfeit that the devil wants to use to fuel our minds with the world.

Mommy, should I not look? Oh I wish you couldn't see! I want to protect you from these images and videos and magazines and movies and billboards and commercials. But I cannot shield you from everything. I won't always be there to guard what comes into your view. Just set your mind on Jesus, baby and do all you can to protect your eyes and your heart.

Mommy, all my friends are.... I know sweetheart. And there will be many times when you will stand out and be alone. The Bible says that the world's way is wide and God's way is narrow. They may listen to this, watch that, or go there, and they will want you to join in their fun. Just stay strong. It is not worth it.

Mommy, why don't they just follow Jesus? I don't know baby. I just don't know.

Mommy, should we pray for them? YES! You pray that their hearts will receive the truth. Pray that they will allow Jesus to transform them.

Mommy, why is it everywhere? Because that is the world we live in. There are too many who do not know Jesus. And when Jesus is not in the hearts of people, then sin takes over everything.

Mommy, should I be like them? No, little one. Do not think you have to dress like that, act like that, or be like that to be attractive or successful. Your self worth doesn't not come from flaunting yourself or taking your clothes off. Be like that sweet old lady who diligently teaches Sunday School. Or like our Pastor's wife who tirelessly gives and counsels. Be like your praying grandmother. Or the missionary we read about. Let those that are making an eternal difference be your role models. Not Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga. You are worth so much more, little one.

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