Friday, April 13, 2012

1 Year Old

One year ago right now...I was in a lot of pain. :) That day was the hardest day of my life, but it was also one of the greatest, blessed, thrilling, emotional, and fulfilling days of my life! Later this evening, or early tomorrow morning, I will be posting pictures of his birthday party that we will be having tonight. Until then, here is the latest:

  • He knows how to throw a fit. A big one. Oh dear....
  • The kid is crazy. He giggles. He screams. He crawls like he's been let out of a canon (aka - fast), his expressions are priceless, and his personality is just hysterical!
  • When we say, "Nathan, clap!" he claps. When we say, "Nathan, where is your nose?" he puts his hand on his face (almost...almost). When we say, "Blow kissses!" he pats his mouth like he's making an Indian noise. When we ask for a kiss, he gives us one. He's learning so much, so fast. And it's precious!
  • He LOVES Sadie, our dog. They play. They fight. They chase each other. They lay on top of one another. It's precious. Dogs are fun.
  • He says, "Dadda," "Momma," "deeedeee" (which I think is Sadie), and "uh oh."
  • Favorite foods are currently: avocados, apple and cinnamon breakfast bars, breakfast cookies, carrots cookies, ice cream, purple hull peas, pinto beans, crackers, okra, Cheetos, hamburgers, french fries, yogurt, biscuits, eggs, and steak. Yes...steak.
  • Nathan loves music. He dances. He "sings." And he grins. He is happiest n the car when music is playing.
  • He loves people. :)
  • He now has FOUR teeth! Two on the bottom, and two on the top.
  • His sleeping is wonderful. It was rough for a while when he had the flu. But now he is back to sleeping all night and taking one long nap and one quick nap during the day.
  • Nathan loves to be outside! Grant and I got him a small kiddie-pool for his birthday (Shhh!!) and I cannot wait to put him in there!
Now, pictures!

Family pic in revival

Watching bull riding with Marmee and great-grandma

Cuddling with aunt Noel

Maybe he was too hungry?... :)

"Nutella! It's SO good!!!!!" hehe

Daddy holding his sweet baby, sick with the flu. :(

Smiling for mommy

Watching Pops play guitar

Playing with Sadie

Resurrection Sunday

With his buddy: Aunt Cici

The two musketeers :)

Me and my kids! :)

Birthday picture!!!!

Hard to believe....

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Lisa said...

He is so cute! :)


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