Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Eleven Months Old

Next month, we will be celebrating Nathan's 1st birthday. I am so excited about the party and have been planning it for months! --my planning post to come directly after the party. However, I'm experiencing a pain in my momma-heart about my little baby growing up. Mmm. He's so much fun and so very sweet!

Here is the latest. :)

  • He can stand up without pulling up now. He's so proud. :)
  • He loves to eat. His favorite foods are currently: bread (biscuits, muffins, rolls, breadsticks...), yogurt, juice, scrambled eggs, sausage, Cheetos, oatmeal breakfast cookies, french fries, chicken, and hamburger meat. He doesn't like veggies much, so I will either juice them or sneak them in various meals (like stew or soup). It works.
  • He will crawl to me and say, "Momm-ma-ma-ma-ma-mmmm-ma."  ....and I melt.
  • When Grant comes home from work, Nathan....freaks.....out! It's hysterical.
  • He enjoys being in the kitchen with me when I'm cooking. He will play with measuring cups and plastic containers....or try to crawl up my leg.
  • Nathan loves music. :) He gets it honestly.
  • His favorite things to watch are Veggie Tales and Little Einsteins. :)
  • Bathtime is WAY fun! He loves splashing and playing with his toys and chewing on the washcloth.
  • His sleeping is just excellent. Due to teething, he skipped naps for about a week and was restless, but now he is back on schedule and I can tell he is feeling much better.
  • Nathan loves going outside!!! Grant will take him out to feed the dogs and we pull him in his wagon from time to time. When the weather is nice and warm, I will often take him on a walk or spread a blanket on the grass to play.
Now, pictures!

Playing with friends
straight country, bro!
being a boy.... it was his first "ow-ie"  :/
       waiting for daddy to come home
    my boys :)
       filthy after playing outside!
        sweet boy
    fast asleep :) <3
    playing at the doctor's office
          precious boy, laying on "Blue" his stuffed puppy
    my handsome son! :)
     oh dear me!
    "I'm ELEVEN months old!!"


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