Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Eight Months Old

Today marks eight months of enjoying my little "baby Nathan." In just four short months, my baby will be a whole year old. Has the year really flown by that fast? Amazing.

Well my boy continue to get more adorable and entertaining every day. Here's the latest. :)

  • The little stinker is FAST! He is scooting all over and getting anywhere he wants to go in record time. Now that our Christmas tree is up, he loves to look at it and, shockingly, he hasn't been that interested in destroying it. He will scoot up under it and kick the branches of the tree with his foot. Now, the presents he likes....the bows on the presents, especially. But above all, he makes a beeline for the guitar and the VCR on the shelf. No matter how many "No's" we say, how many pops on the hand he receives, or how many times he will cry from the pops on his hand, he still wants the guitar and the VCR. Stubborn little thing....
  • The other day he climbed on top of the bottom of the coffee table. We have a lower "shelf" a couple of inches off the ground and he loves to scoot over to it and pat it. The other day, however, he wanted ON it...and by golly, he got himself on top of it. :) He was quite proud of himself too.
  • Last week, I also introduced him to real, "grown up" food. I handed him a carrot stick to gnaw on, and a cheese stick. Later, he tried asparagus. He loves mashed potatoes and I believe his Daddy gave him a bite of a cookie (naughty!). So far, he is very interested and enjoys the fact that he can eat something mama and daddy are eating.
  • Along with offering him a bite of a cookie, Grant let him have a sip of sweet tea (another naughty). Nathan LOVES it. Once the grandparents joined in, there was no stopping it. The baby loves tea. I have to put a minimum to the amount of sips he takes, and so mama is not the favorite at those times. :)
  • His sleeping is still fantastic. He goes to bed in between 7:30 and 8:15 p.m. and wakes in between 6:30 and 7:15 a.m. Perfect. He takes two naps a day, sometimes three if he's worn himself out. I can't ask for better.
  • He is still talking gibberish and laughing like a little man. I'm working on "Momma" but....so far, no luck.
  • The other day, he was scooting along the floor and sat him by himself. Up until that point, he would sit up just fine as long as YOU put him in that position. Now, he can put himself in that position. :)

Now, for the pictures...

Enjoying the tree

Having fun with his buddy, Sutton

Playing on the Johnny Jumper

Food time!!

"Check out my hair!....stylin'"

Playing with daddy

Playing with his toy truck

Eating a carrot

"Want some cheese?"

Bath time!

His first snow. :)

Climbing onto the bottom of the coffee table

Eating finger foods

"Sleep in heavenly peace...."

I'm EIGHT months old!


Purposely at Home said...

haha! LOVE the picture of him looking at the carrot. too funny! he is such a precious little boy. :)


Krystina said...

He is really quite cute, Kristen. :) Such bright blue eyes. :)


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