Monday, September 29, 2014

Pregnancy Update. 30 Weeks with Baby #3

30 weeks down! I cannot believe I have 10 weeks - more or less - to go! Considering both my previous children have been born at 39 weeks, I'm minorly freaking out (in a good way!). I have so much left to do but I enjoy nesting and preparing, so I am looking forward to stocking the freezer, washing newborn clothes and blankets, and taking down the itty-bitty baby gear from the attic. It's a fun and exciting busyness that definitely helps keep the nerves at bay. :)

Little miss is doing wonderful. And, albeit sometimes ungracefully, I am doing well too. Pregnancy is not a very dignified state, but it is a beautiful time that I am truly trying to cherish, even during the uncomfortable moments.

My three-year-old snapped this picture yesterday before Church.
He has a little talent, I think. :)

Some updates....

  • I feel huge. I suppose every pregnant woman feels huge, especially during subsequent pregnancies. It's not an easy thing to watch your body change so drastically in less than a year. But just like the last two pregnancies, God has been faithful to remind me that His beauty is what is important. I may feel clumsy and heavy, but I have been given the blessing of growing and nurturing another life, and that is worth the sacrifice.
  • Have I had cravings? Yep. Coconut, avocados, chocolate, nuts, grapes, and apples have been foods I find myself wanting more and more of. I've also eaten a bit more peanut butter than usual too.
  • Tons and tons of movement! Little miss is beginning to feel a little cramped in there. I love feeling every twitch, every hiccup, and every kick. Definitely the best part of pregnancy!
  • No swelling, glory be! Like my pregnancy with Selah, I have been drinking lots more water and taking regular Epsom salt baths, which help with swelling. I dealt with that during my pregnancy with Nathan and it.was.horrid.
  • I've had a lot of hip, thigh, and back pain, which has made it more challenging to exercise like I want. I'm hoping chasing my kiddos from here to kingdom come makes up for it, though!
  • I'm starting to get a little more tired each day, which is totally understandable seeing how I am growing a person inside my body while raising a preschooler and keeping up with a toddler every day. Praise the Lord for nap time, right? :) When my kiddos go down, I also have been lying down. More often than not, I pass out and get a good nap in. Sleep has become my best friend. 

Only a few more weeks left. :)

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