Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Our Frog Theme in 3K

A couple of weeks ago, we began a "Frog week" in School where I let Nathan choose a specimen to study and learn about. It has actually become frog month because we have studied them slowly so we can retain and enjoy. It's been a timely theme as our porches have been the home of quite a few frogs lately. Much to my disgust....


We started by going to the Library to pick out a book on frog facts. We chose "All About Frogs" and have loved learning about the differences between frogs and toads, all the different species of frogs and toads, and the cool things each are able to do. Nathan is fascinated by learning how far they can hop and the funny croaking noises they can make.

Thanks to PreschoolMom.com, I found this nifty printable explaining the life cycle of a frog. Nathan liked learning about tadpoles and how they change as they grow - just like we do! He said, "I was a baby...now I'm a big boy. One day, I'll be big like daddy and have a beard!" Yep. From tadpole to toad, buddy. ;)

We also had a frog-themed treat at lunch one day! FYI, this is not a picture of my attempt to make the frog-apple-with-marshmallows-grapes-and-chocolate chips. Mine wasn't near as good. But this is what I was shooting for. And Nathan knew it was, in fact, a frog so although it is probably more along my lines of a Pinterest fail, it was a complete success in his eyes, which is all that counts. :)

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We ventured outside and found frogs. :) Both Nathan and Selah had a jolly time finding them, squealing as they hopped, and chasing them all over the yard and the porch. Selah finds it necessary to blow on any small critter and then scream at it. Nathan has taken to wanting to smash anything smaller than him. Needless to say, they had to be under some heavy supervision. :)

Getting out of my comfort zone, we also caught a frog. Or, to be more accurate, I caught a frog. I'm a bit disgusted by small critters, but I managed to catch a small frog on our porch and brought it in for a few hours to get a close up look as we went through our All About Frogs book. Nathan loved staring at its legs and had a little too much fun trying to make the small amphibian hop in the jar.

Lastly, we began the Frog and Toad series, which we have all enjoyed reading. :)

I'm not sure what theme will be next. Nathan has expressed an interest in spiders, but I'm not sure mommy can handle that one. Might be a good father/son project to do with daddy.....

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