Thursday, October 24, 2013

We Have Moved!

Finally, after what felt like a year (but it was only four months and one week since they laid the footers!), we have moved into our new home! Eeeeeeeeeee!! Saturday we huffed and puffed and grunted as we lugged all our junk useless nick knacks goods out of storage into our house.

this is nowhere close to all the boxes

it was a tad overwhelming

stopping to smile

our front door

Isn't the Lord just good? Never in my dreams did I ever contemplate having such a beautiful home. I never really even asked for it. Aren't ya thankful that He is so much bigger than our minds can fathom and that His dreams and plans for our lives, although sometimes very different from ours, are always soooo much better?! My grandfather had a saying that went: God is big. And He's GOOD. And it is oh-so-true.

I have been busy unpacking and now that I **think** the boxes are all empty, I am settling in and taking a little rest. Next week, I hope to get more regular posts up and going again. See ya later!

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