Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Making Your Own Mission Statement

When we were preparing to move into our new home, my husband and I discussed our goals. As Bible believing Christians who love the Lord, we have a direction we want our marriage and our family to go. Since that discussion, I have been thinking about my personal goals and my mission as a woman of God. As a wife, mother, and the keeper of my home, my position is serious business. The sad thing is, I seem to forget just how serious it is. I fall so short of grasping the magnitude of my responsibilities. I really do.
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Have you ever made a mission statement? Have you taken the time to specifically write down your goals? Sometimes I mean well and I have a good aim in mind, but since it's not there for me to see and be reminded on a day-by-day basis, I often forget and let my flesh take over. I get lazy and I'm nowhere near as diligent to give 100%. So I recently made up my mind that I would write my own mission statement, then frame it and stick in my kitchen where I can see it every day and be conscious of my job and my mission as a follower of Jesus. I'll share mine with you as a rough guide but I encourage you, if you are the "see it" type, to take a moment and write down your goal. I think it would help us all as we go about our day to be more and not less. :)

Being called by Almighty God and empowered by the Holy Spirit,
my mission and goal as a woman, wife, and mother is...
To be a reflection of Jesus Christ; valiant and mighty.
To be a refuge for my husband, treating him with delight and kindness,
guarding my mouth, and bringing my emotions under subjection 
so as not to bring him trouble or sorrow of any kind;
To joyfully raise and disciple my children, 
intentionally and diligently teaching them the Word of God;
Training with patience and gentleness, keeping watch over all the affairs of my household.
To manage my home well, using my God-given talents and resources to bless others;
To create an atmosphere of warmth, beauty, grace, peace, and order;
To resist laziness; to make wise, purposeful decisions;
To adorn myself with the armor of God and to be useful for His kingdom work;
Speaking with wisdom; giving with cheerfulness; loving with His love.

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Anonymous said...

I love this! Your mission statement is beautiful :) Thank you for sharing!


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