Friday, December 7, 2012

The Pregnancy Files | Week 30 | baby #2

Here I am at 30 weeks! My Nathan was born at 39 weeks, so the knowledge of how close I am to little miss Selah's arrival is unreal! Here's what's happening with us!

  • She is about the size of a cucumber, roughly weighing around 3 lbs.
  • Her brain is growing daily AND she can regulate her own body's temperature.
  • She is strong enough to grasp a finger.
As for me...
  • After enduring the grueling three-hour glucose test, the results came back negative. No Gestational Diabetes for this momma!
  • I'm uncomfortable and easily tired. But honestly, that is completely understandable seeing how I have a little person growing in my abdomen and I'm chasing after a toddler every day.
  • Itching. With Nathan, I had SEVERE itching moments. I even remember breaking my skin at one point. Thankfully, I learned a little from then and have been loading up on the lotion!
  • I haven't had heartburn, which I contribute to not eating late at night and drinking Ionized water.
  • Unlike my first pregnancy, I haven't had one single leg cramp. This is awesome news. :)

This weekend, I am working in her room and planning for things to be done after Christmas is over. Please continue praying for me and for little Selah; that we will be healthy, strong, and that the Lord will be glorified every day.

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Libby said...

Praying for you all as you await and prepare for te birth of your little girl!!!

Hope you all have a very blessed Christmas!

~Libby McCord


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