Saturday, August 11, 2012

Recommended Books for Little Boys

There are few things I love as much as books and the memories that I have in reading through my most cherished ones growing up. Below is a list I have compiled of my current favorites that I think are very beneficial and precious for little boys. Of course, most of these can be read to girls too (some are among my childhood favorites!), but I also find them very good picks for those with little snips, snails, and puppy dog tails, too!
I bought this book only yesterday for Nathan that I am going to give him for Christmas. I plan to begin reading it to him while he is young to instill the powerful message of this book into his heart at an early age. You may have heard of the popular (and HIGHLY recommended) book for girls, The Princess & the Kiss. This book, The Squire & the Scroll, is written by the same author with the same principle in mind: teaching purity. This story is about a young squire who travels a long distance beside a brave knight. Through dangers and perils, he learns what it takes to flee temptation and to guard the heart from impurity. In this age, that message needs to be deeply rooted into our children's hearts.

Barney Wigglesworth is a cute little collection of books about a mouse named Barney. In each book, he learns valuable and moral life lessons such as: cooperating with others, perseverance, caring for those in need, etc. My mom used to read me the Barney Wigglesworth books as a child and now I am taking great delight in reading them to Nathan. They are so very cute.

Adam Raccoon is probably my favorite to read to Nathan right now. I love the strong Christian parables in this series and he likes to look at the pictures. Each book is a treasure trove of spiritual lessons. In Adam Raccoon in the Lost Woods, he learns to follow Jesus, In Adam Raccoon and the Circus Master, he learns about forgiveness. This is, yet another, series I had as a child and I will always have these books in my home.

My mom began collecting the "Building Christian Character" books when I was little. This is probably my family's favorite series that we read growing up. There are so many books in this collection! The above book, Max and the Big Fat Lie, is about telling the truth. Buzzle Billy is about sharing. Sir Maggie the Mighty is about obedience, Handy-Dandy Helpful Hal is about helping. Cheating, greediness, thankfulness - there are so many topics that these books hit and the creative way they illustrate those messages are great! I definitely recommend this series!

Do you have any recommended reads for little boys? Feel free to share!

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