Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Today, I have been thinking back to my childhood. And I am willing to bet that many of you grown girls will relate to this post.

Next month, I will be 26 years old. I am married. I have a little boy. I am grown.

...but sometimes I still feel like a little girl.

When I'm hurt, I cry.

When I'm upset, I sometimes throw a fit.

When I want something, I often don't have much patience to wait for it.

....you'd think I'd be more mature by now.

Sometimes I wear my feelings on my sleeve. Sometimes I just want to go run through a field or play on a swing set. Sometimes I want to go grab up my favorite teddy bear. Sometimes I want to lay my head on my Mom's lap. Sometimes I want to curl up and listen to a story from my Dad.

Which brings me to right now.

Growing up, my Dad told THE BEST stories. If you are an avid Andy Griffith-watcher (like me!), then you can remember the many times Andy Taylor would tell his son, Opie, the perfect thing in the perfect way. When Opie struggled with history, Andy made it interesting. My Dad has always reminded me of him! The coolest thing is when he would make up his own stories. Since I am remembering my childhood (and missing it in a way), I thought I would share with you one of the first stories my Dad ever told me as a little girl. It became a regular tale and, in 2006, Dad wrote it down and made it into a little booklet for me! Today, I pulled it out and read over it again and, I have to say, I got teary-eyed. So for all you women who sometimes feel like a little girl and for all you mommies who may want to tell this story to YOUR children, I thought I would share it...in my Dad's words. :)

It was a stormy night in Arkansas and a little girl named Kristen Elizabeth was awakened by the storm. There was lots of wind blowing, lightning flashing, thunder roaring and rain falling down hard to the ground. The water was rising fast towards Kristen's house. During the storm, Kristen began to cry and then she started to pray, "Dear Jesus, please help me tonight in this storm. Lord please stop the loud thunder. And, Lord, please stop the bright lightning and the strong wind from blowing hard. And Lord, stop the flood waters from getting into my house. Help me, Lord Jesus, not to cry or be afraid. Amen."

Well, way up in Heaven, the Lord called all of His special angels to His throne and said, "I've got a special job for a special angel to go help calm the heart of Kristen, one of my little children, who is scared tonight." Then the Lord said, "Which one of you angels would like to volunteer for the job?"

Just about that time, a little angel shouted for joy, and said, "Lord Jesus...please let me go and help Kristen. I don't want her to be afraid of anything, please Lord, let me go! Pleeeeeeeease!"

I never knew the name of that special angel, so I'll just call him "Gullabagoo."

Then the Lord said to that little angel, "You're just the one I was thinking of for this job!" The Lord said, "Gullabagoo, you will go and help Kristen and I will tell you what you must do."

Gullabagoo was so happy to be chosen, and he smiled and grinned from ear to ear and said, "Thank you, Lord." Then he was off and on his way to help Kristen.

When Gullabagoo saw the horrible storm, and heart Kristen crying and praying, it broke his little heart. Gullabagoo saw the lightning flashing and streaking across the sky. He saw the rain falling hard and fast to the ground. He heard the wind blowing and howling through the trees, and he heard the loud thunder roaring and banging on the clouds.

And then, Gullabagoo saw that old mean devil trying to scare the children. So Gullabagoo spoke and said, "In Jesus' Name: RAIN...you stop that right now!" And all of the sudden the rain stopped, and the flood waters began to go down.

"Lightning...stop flashing right this minute!" And as quick as a flash all the lightning just stopped.

"Thunder...you are way too loud tonight, so you just hush right now!" And all the loud thunder just stopped.

"Okay Wind...you quit blowing so hard against Kristen's house!" And all at once the wind stopped.

Gullabagoo then turned to that old mean devil and said, "The Lord Jesus sent me to tell you to get outta here right now, and leave Kristen alone!!"

Well, that old devil started running through the briar patches, and through the bushes, through the swamps, through places that even a rabbit couldn't go! He ran and he ran. He ran so fast that even the hounds couldn't catch him!

Well, Kristen began to smile, and said, "Thank you, Lord." Then she laid her head on her pillow, and softly went to sleep.

So when the storms come in your life,
and you don't know what to do,
just call on the Lord
and He will help you.

He may send an angel,
who will know what to do.
And who knows? His name just might
be Gullabagoo!

Thanks, Dad! :)


Whitney said...

This is so sweet! Sometimes reading stories like this makes me wish I had a father so in tune and desiring of his children. Then, I'm reminded that I have a Heavenly Father who does so even more! I'll be 26 next week, and I too often feel like a little girl. You're words of "you'd think I'd be more mature by now" are a frequent sound to me as well. haha. Thanks for the beautiful words you've shared today! :)
-Whitney @revivinghomemaking.blogspot.com

Kristen Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Whitney! :) That was such a nice comment. :) And goodness, isn't it comforting to know that regardless of our earthly father, our heavenly Father is above and beyond all we could hope for or imagine! :) Hope you have an excellent day. :)

Anonymous said...

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