Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thankful || Week Four

22. Compassion. I am so grateful for compassion. Our God is compassionate and longsuffering, not willing that any should perish. And boy am I thankful for that. When I was naked and dirty and soaked in sin, He had compassion on me. He even left His glory in Heaven and came down to the earth and put on flesh - the same flesh that smells and sweats and sins. He had that much compassion for me. I pray that I will always be singing a song of thanksgiving for what He has done. And I pray that I can show that same compassion to others.

23. Truth. Truth is being avoided these days. Of course, it goes back to the fall of Adam, but it seems as though, as the end draws closer and closer, that truth is shunned more and more.....and more. Absolute truth? HA! They say, "Hey, if it's true for you, that's fine. But this is me and this is my truth." Seriously? What a flawed theology. I am thankful that I was given truth - at an early age. I am thankful that the Lord made truth available to me and that I accepted it. Yeah, it hurts sometimes but, from experience, truth WILL ALWAYS set you free.

24. Health. We take our health for granted. Or well, I do, anyway. In the past couple of months, I have been more diligent in thanking God every day for my health. Grant's grandmother is fighting cancer as I type this. Its reminded me of my grandfather's battle with cancer four years ago. Life is fragile. I have been so blessed with good health and, even more so, my family has been blessed with good health. My husband is well. My little boy is well. My parents are well. My sisters are well. I am thankful for that. Even when I am sick, I am grateful to not be in ICU or in physical rehab learning to walk again. Those of us who woke up today in our own bed in our own home need to be thankful, and remember that there are thousands who woke up today in a hospital room or on the streets in the freezing cold. Those of us who woke up today and saw our husband and children need to be thankful, and remember that some woke up today without either. Those of us who woke up today with good health need to thank the Lord, and remember that so many who are battling cancer and debilitating diseases. I am thankful for the health God has blessed me and my family with....and I pray I won't ever take it for granted again.
25. Hugs. I love hugs. You know on those days when you really feel rotten and somebody gives you a big 'ole hug? Doesn't it make you feel lots better? It does me. I have those kind of friends who, when we see other, we hug. I treasure that. When I visit my family, there are hugs all around! When we say goodbye, there are many, many more hugs! I hug my son all....the.....time. He better get used to it, too. :) I love my husband's hugs. When I'm hurt or frustrated and he hugs me, nothing seems that bad anymore. When I'm almost asleep and I feel him hug me in HIS sleep, there's no better feeling. When I'm goofing off and he hugs me for the heck of it, it's awesome. I'm thankful for the hugs of my family and friends. And I'm also thankful for the BIG hug Christ gave me when He saved me too. :)

26. Wisdom. I am thankful that I have "the only wise God" (Jude 1:25) and that he gave me wise parents. When Solomon was told by God that He would give him whatever he asked for, Solomon asked for wisdom. Wow. Who would chose wisdom over wealth and fame and prestige?? Solomon did. And boy did he get it! He was the wisest man to ever live. Proverbs emphasises the need for wisdom and understanding and truth. I want that too. I would rather be wise than rich or good looking. I am thankful that the Lord offers wisdom to those who ask for it. He will give wisdom liberally to those who lack, if, as James 1:6 says, we "ask in faith, nothing wavering."

27. Movie nights. Growing up, my family had tons of movie nights. We would eat supper than cram into the living room and watch a movie together, complete with popcorn and, sometimes, cookies. I miss "cramming" into that room watching movies but now my husband and I have our own movie nights. Every so often, we'll sit Nathan on the couch with us and curl up together and watch a good movie. It doesn't sound like a big deal, but those of you who cherish the little things (and those of you who come from big families) probably relate. I love those memories. Laughing. Looking at each other with a "what's-going-to-happen-next?" look on our faces. Trying to figure out the plot. It's special to me....and I'm thankful for it.

28. Cards, letters, and e-mails. I'm thankful for mail in my mailbox! NOT junk mail. NOT spam. NOT bills. None of that stuff. I'm talking about the "I was just thinking about you" cards. The letters that fill you in on your friend or family's life. E-mails that say, "Hey! How you doing?" Those are special. Now, when time is something people try to rush through, knowing that someone stopped and thought of you long enough to write (or type) a note down....that's priceless. And I'm thankful for it.

29. Prayer. Prayer changes things. So often we make prayer the last resort. You know, "If all else fails, then we'll pray and hope for the best." That isn't how it ought to be. Prayer should always be the FIRST thing we do. It's a mighty weapon that God has given to us. It's approaching the throne of Heaven and speaking to the Lord of all creation. .....and THAT'S our last resort?? So silly. I have to be reminded often that prayer should be my default. I have seen the power of prayer. I have seen people miraculously healed. I have seen marriages on the brink of divorce (and after a divorce) be restored. I have seen amazing things but the key to it all was prayer. I am thankful that we can come before God with our petitions - great and small. I'm thankful that we can praise Him. I'm thankful that we can thank Him. I am thankful for prayer and the power it holds.

30. Thankfulness. Can you be thankful for thankfulness? I think so. I'm THANKFUL that we CAN be thankful. Does that make sense? ** Doesn't matter, I'm gonna do it anyway. :p *** I am thankful for so many things.... more than I can count. I have breath in my body. I have a home and family. I have friends. I have a work and a ministry. I have passions. I have the promise of Heaven. I have so.... much. And I'm thankful to be thankful. :)

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