Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's a....GIRL!!

Yesterday my husband and I went to have our gender-reveal ultrasound and were shocked to find that our little one is....a....


For some reason, we were both thinking "boy" so when my doctor said, "I do believe you have a little girl in there, Mrs. Lee," my heart momentarily stopped.

"A girl?? A baby girl? A little darling to love on, squeeze, and dress up?"

Oh yes. :)

Since that moment, I have thought about so much, but my thoughts go beyond ribbons, ruffled dresses, baby dolls, and the color pink. I've taken a good look around and I am well aware of the little girls around me. Sadly, most little girls these days are not....little. They are just mini-Marilyn Monroe's. Growing up, I played with dolls until I was twelve or thirteen. I didn't give much thought to boys at all until then. I wasn't preoccupied with my looks. I was a child, not a wanna-be-pin-up-girl. These days, little girls are carrying around iPhones, iPads, texting all the time, wearing loads of makeup, and dancing seductively to Britney Spears. I want the extreme opposite for my baby girl. My prayer for her - right now - is that she will not resemble Paris Hilton, Honey Booboo, Betty White, Hilary Clinton, or any other well-known "example" of girlhood and womanhood. I would rather her emulate Queen Easter, Ruth, Amy Carmichael, Sabina Wurmbrand, and Leslie Ludy. I would rather she have character and inner strength. I pray she will fall in love with Jesus at an early age and make Him the lover of her heart. I pray she will be servant-hearted and kind. I pray she will be pure, set-apart, and passionate for the truth. I want so much for her and, yes, I am aware that I have an enormous responsibility to TEACH her - by word and example - what a lady of the Lord should be. So please pray for me. And pray for her.

It's important for us to pray for our children - even before they are born. Especially given the horrifying statistics around us. We ought to pray for our sons to rise up and champion the cause of Christ, be protectors of purity and righteousness, and seek to be...well, MEN. Strong. Mighty. Noble. And likewise we ought to pray for our daughters to embrace their calling as women; to love the Lord; to be gentle, wise, kind, and beautiful on the inside more than on the outside. I encourage you to begin praying for your children today if you haven't already. They need it. The world needs it too.

So what did we decided to name our little sweetheart girl? I am thrilled to announce that her name will be:

Selah Elizabeth

The name Selah (pronounced "SAY-lah") means: Pause; Rest; Reflect on the goodness of the LORD.

Elizabeth, which is my middle name, means: Consecrated and vowed to God.

Please join us in prayer that she will rise up and fulfill her beautiful name.

Psalm 45:13
"The king's daughter is all glorious within: her clothing is of wrought gold."


futurehope said...

awww congrats! I just had a baby girl 2 months ago and have many of the same thoughts that you do about raising a daughter in our culture. It scares me a bit to be honest!!! The way I was raised is NOT how I want to raise my kids, and a baby girl just seems so much harder than my older boy...we shall see! by God's grace we will make it through and raise our girls to know him <3 congrats again!!!

Libby said...

Congratulations on your news!! A little girl will be so much fun.


P.S.- I love her name- what special meaning it has!!

Krystina said...

Congratulations! :D


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