Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Pregnancy Files | Week 7 | Baby #2

Today I enter my seventh week of pregnancy and.... I feel it. But more about me later. First, here what's up with baby #2:

  • Baby is currently the size of a blueberry; which is incredible because just a couple weeks ago, he/she was the size of a poppy seed. There has been some big-time growing!!
  • Baby's brain is growing fast, generating about 100 new cells every MINUTE! The arms and legs are emerging as joints begin to form. His or her kidneys are also in place! Is God big or what?!?
  • I haven't yet had my first doctor's appointment, but we will FINALLY hear our little one's heartbeat next Friday! I am more than anxious to see the little wiggle worm and watch life taking root in my body. It's truly amazing.

As for me:

  • Big time. With Nathan, I was nauseated a little, but nothing like this. I've been living on Edy's Fruit Bars (thank you, Edy, whoever you are!) and Ginger Ale. The minute something sounds good enough to eat and I dig in...bad things happen. *sigh* Oh well. It's worth it. And I am more than thankful to have a sweet little boy with a helper's heart, and an amazing husband who goes above and beyond to take care of me.
  • I'm tired but, thankfully, not as exhausted as I was with Nathan. Of course, I believe that's because I can't stay in bed all day due to Nathan toddling around. :) And I must say, his little smile makes everything a little easier.

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. And life is even MORE beautiful!


Wendy @ E1A said...

What a brilliant photo of baby #2.

Totally amazing!

Stephanie said...

Ps. 39 was my favorite, especially during my 3rd pregnancy! So comforting and encouraging! Congratulations on your new little ones.


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