Wednesday, March 5, 2014

White As Snow

A little over a week ago, my husband and I returned from a getaway to Stowe, Vermont. I was enthralled by the quaint little town, the charming Inn where we cozied up by the fireplace, and the beautiful snow-covered mountains. My soul needed a breath of cold, quiet air. :) One afternoon, I walked down to the empty living area in front of the big bay windows. And I cried. I've seen snow before. But I'd never seen snow this beautiful. It wasn't the slushy, mud-and-grass precipitation that I'm accustomed to here in the south. This was a piercing white snowy wonderland. I watched as tiny little flakes fell down to the earth and a lump formed in my throat. It was like the Lord was whispering to me, "Quit worrying over the past. It's covered."

I love that snow falls gently. 

My spirit needs a tender touch when all is still. Far too often I let the noise of the world and the muck and mire of life steal my peace and my joy. And I suffer for it.

God speaks through everything, and I love that He chooses to work in silence as He blankets the ground with snow. There is no loud banging of thunder, no flashes of lightening, just silence as He quietly and gently covers the cold, hard ground with white. Boy, that's my story! How many times have I been too hardhearted to let Christ do a work in my life? How many times have I rebelled? Been unwilling? Mean-spirited? How many times have I refused to surrender and allow my spirit to be covered in white? Too many.

In Isaiah chapter 1, verse 18, God says, "Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool."

Below all that beautiful snow was wet mud, dead grass, and rough rocks. Nothing that would elicit a gasp of awe from me. But as I looked at the beautiful picture in front of my eyes, I couldn't see any of the less-than-pretty things because it was all covered in sparkling white, powdery snow. A pretty good picture of my human nature and selfish tendencies all washed away by the fresh touch of Jesus Christ.  I hope I never forget that...

There are days when the enemy attacks and steals my joy. There are moments when he viciously reminds me of all the mistakes I have made in my life, big and small. So today, if you are feeling assaulted by Satan, or if you are ready to be made white as snow, take joy in knowing that we have a God who delights in quieting us with His love, and rejoices in covering us with His blood. There is peace and there is life in walking in the snowy-white path of His forgiveness and holiness.


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