Thursday, March 20, 2014

Daughters at Home Interview

Today, I was featured over at A Noble Calling; a blog by Libby, a stay-at-home daughter who has a passion for growing closer to Jesus in her season of singleness. I have been very encouraged by her testimony and was honored to be interviewed for her new series, "Getting to Know Other Daughters at Home."

I definitely encourage you to check out her blog.

A Noble Calling

To read the interview, head on over to her page or click here!


Laura said...

It is really sad that you say that women need to protect men by dressing modestly. Don't get me wrong - I am a Christian woman, and I take matters of modesty VERY seriously. But this mindset you promote is the same one that will point to a woman who has been raped, and instead of saying, "We need to encourage men to respect women more", it will say, "Oh, but was she dressed modestly?"
That goes against everything Christ stood for, and it disappoints me that you would shamelessly twist a pure, beautiful message and turn it into something counter-productive.

Kristen said...

Laura, this mindset is not one that will fill a woman who has been raped with condemnation. This mindset is Biblical as Scripture says not to be a stumbling block or to put an occasion to fall in his brother's way (Romans 14:13). We should watch how we dress so as not to set ourselves up to become something men will lust after.

Ultimately, it's the man's job to keep himself in control. HOWEVER, women play a part in this too. My point is: Let's do our job. The actions of others are not up to us. But obeying Scripture is. And we should do EVERYTHING within our power to protect our purity, and our testimony.


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