Monday, April 9, 2012

Shopping for a Resurrection Sunday Dress

I dearly love Resurrection Sunday! It's one of my favorite days of the whole year! And one of my favorite traditions is buying a new outfit to celebrate the day where Christ arose and made all things new!

Last year, I was unable to get a new outfit. Nathan was due a week before Resurrection day and I wasn't sure if I would be GREAT with child or still in the hospital. As it happened, Nathan was born a little early and we were all able to be at Church on that special day. I simply wore a dress I already had in my closet. No biggie. This year, however, I was thrilled to be able to wear a new dress AND purchase a little outfit for my son. I must say, I became very frustrated in searching for a dress that met my standards. I wanted a dress that:

1. Went below my knees
2. Wasn't skin-tight
3. That covered my upper arms

4. Did not reveal cleavage
5. And was in my price range

Easy, right? Not in the slightest!

I found a few dresses I thought were reasonably priced, but most all of them I didn't even try on after judging the overall lack of modesty. It was disheartening. Finally, I found a little dress tucked away in a corner. I thought, "hmmm.... maybe?" I tried it on, and loved it!  Here are a few pictures of our day!

My sweet little family <3 :)

my precious parents and sisters

He was upset about something

beautiful spring flowers!

What about you, ladies?  Was it difficult for you to find a modest dress this year?


AH said...

I believe your pink flowers may be day lilies, although, these types are normally yellow, red or orange in hues that I've seen, but the leaves resemble this type of flowers. As for my Easter outfit, I had a nice blouse and a pair of dress pants, since my church job requires lots of stairs and sometimes being on the floor working with sound system plugs.

We had 3 services that I had to work sound for this last week, Maundy Thursday service with communion, a Good Friday, what we called Tenebrae Service, which was more solemn service and only 12 candles lit the place so working sound in darkness, and 2 services Easter morning.

Nicole said...

Beautiful photos- thank you for sharing! I found a dress at Cato's (not sure if you have those stores near you) and I loved it. It was tank/spaghetti straps so I bought a white shell top to go with it and it was perfect. -Nicole @ Working Kansas Homemaker

Rebecca Wilgus said...

I found your post via The Modest Mom link up :-)

I struggle with this every time I shop! I didn't get a new dress for resurrection day, but I did need to get a nice new dress for my sister in laws bridal shower coming up. It was such a hassle trying to find a dress that fit and met my standards of modesty. My mother in law took my shopping, and has a very different idea of what is appropriate than I do. There is a serious lack of dresses that are appropriate and I don't mind if a dress doesn't cover my arms as long as weather permits and straps aren't showing :-)

I enjoyed reading about your struggles and agree with seeing if terr is a CATO nearby :-)

HIS daughter said...

I didn't get a new dress this easter (because I can't really fit into anything this late in the pregnancy lol) but I have found that long/high camis layered under dresses and (depending on if they have sleeves or not) something like a sweater or little jacket over them TRANSFORMS otherwise immodest dresses! That is what I do and wow you can have SO much fun with it! I especially like to shop thrift stores and you can find some awesome stuff!

Blessings :)

Purposely at Home said...

Just so you know...I am LOVING your new blog look! ;) And your little boy is getting cuter and cuter. :)



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