Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sweet September

Hello September!!!

After scorching heat and record breaking temperatures, I have to say that I am glad we are about to experience some cooler weather down in the Bible belt. September 1st is here! This month will mark the beginning of autumn. The leave will begin to turn and, soon, fall to the ground. The wind will begin blowing and the cool breezes will remind me that winter is coming. And speaking of....Christmas is nearly three months away! Wooooo!!!

This weekend, Grant and I will be taking Nathan and heading out to celebrate Labor Day with some of his family. I'm looking forward to getting out of the house, relaxing, visiting, and eating some good food!

Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!!

1 comment:

Jo, just Jo said...

Haha, that's funny, easy to forget that your side of the world is coming into Autumn, we just celebrating Spring and warmer months coming!


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