Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Movie Recommendations -- 09/06/2011

This is a great movie! I watched it for the first time a few years ago and instantly loved it. "The Ultimate Gift" is about Jason Stevens, a spoiled little rich kid, living on his trust fund, who believes money is what brings happiness. When his insanely wealthy grandfather dies, Jason discovers that his grandfather left him a very big gift. Believing it to be money - and lots of it! - Jason agrees to twelve tasks, which his grandfather calls, "gifts" which, in the end, teaches him what life is truly all about. I have watched this movie many times over and am always reminded the greatest gifts in life are the ones that money could never buy. Again, this is a fantastic movie that I highly recommend it!


This is one of my all-time favorite musicals. Set in Tsarist, Russia in 1905, the story centers on Tevye, a poor, Jewish milk man and the father of five daughters, and his attempts to maintain his family and Jewish traditions while outside influences encroach upon their lives. I adore this musical and often go around singing songs from the movie (Grant even bought the soundtrack!). It is very humorous, very sobering, and a very great watch!

I like the Veggies....especially the older ones. This is the first full-length feature film that Big Idea produced. The movie weaves two stories together. The first takes place in the current day and concerns a mishap that occurs on the way to a concert. The second, set in ancient Israel, is based directly on the story of Jonah. Through both stories, we learn that we must be compassionate and merciful, and that everyone deserves a second chance. It's a cute movie for children that does a good job at mixing Bible values with "Saturday morning fun."


This is a wonderful movie. Buchan and his family move from Zambia to South Africa. With nothing more than a caravan on a patch of land, the Buchan family struggles to settle in a new place. Faced with ever mounting challenges, hardships and personal turmoil, Buchan quickly spirals down into a life consumed by anger, fear and destruction. Finally, his wife convinces him to attend a local church, where the testimonies of other farmers influence his decision to give his life to Christ. His life makes a complete turnaround and he is challenged to grow in his faith. Believing he is led by the Lord, Buchan plants potatoes - a massive risk due to the drought in the area. He calls for prayer and plants potatoes in the dry dust. I cried as I watched his struggle to believe, in faith, that the Lord would answer his prayers and it inspired me to have faith "like potatoes."

If you like to read, go check out the books by Beverly Lewis. This movie is based upon her book, The Redemption of Sarah Cain. I have heard about this movie for a while and was finally able to watch it a couple of weeks ago. The movie begins as Sarah Cain, a successful columnist in Oregon, is told by her boss that her column has been rejected. She isn't writing about life anymore, just cheesy little articles that have no meaning. Frustrated, she leaves for a restaurant when her phone rings. To her dismay, she is informed that her older sister, Ivy, has just died of heart failure. Upon hearing the news, she rushes to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where her sister lived as an Amish believer, for the funeral. Once there, she finds that as the sole surviving relative, the court has appointed her as the legal guardian for the five children. She begins to write about her days events and soon discovers that the readers want more. After that comes a sweet story of family, self-denial, forgiveness, and redemption. A good watch!

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