Sunday, September 11, 2011

Have We Forgotten?

Ten years ago, our nation was attacked by a great enemy; the same enemy who has raged war with the world for centuries. This enemy was born out of sin and disobedience to God. This enemy hates our country's Christian heritage and despises our beloved friend, Israel. (I would like to add that though this is our enemy and we must protect and defend our country from our enemies, let us not forget to PRAY for our enemies as Jesus told us to do in Matthew 5:44)

On September 11, 2001, my family and I were conducting a revival in Mississippi. I remember my mom awaking me that morning and telling me that the north tower of the World Trade Center had been hit. I got up, dressed, and went into the Church's fellowship hall where my family sat with the pastor, watching the live footage. Just moments later, we all watched as Flight 175 crashed into the south tower. Like probably most of you, I felt like I was watching a movie. It didn't seem real.

Where were you ten years ago today?

Did you watch along, in horror, as people jumped to their deaths?

Did you gasp as the towers collapsed and fell to the ground?

Did you sit, open mouthed, at the footage from Iraq as many gathered in the streets rejoicing?

Were you unable to comprehend the fact that those terrorist men had no thought to killing themselves and countless others all in the name of their god?

On that day, our country proclaimed, "We will not forget!"

Have we forgotten?

Have we forgotten the 3,497 lives that were lost that day? Have we forgotten the hatred our enemy (who we now bend-over backwards for) had - and still has - for us and our country? On that day, our nation banded together and there was massive prayer. Suddenly, everyone was desperate for God. Have we forgotten that too? It appears so.

Watching the footage of September 11, and watching the 10-year-anniversary specials on the event, I am burdened all the more for the state of our world. I mourn those lost. I wonder how many opened their eyes in hell on that day. I mourn those families who have, no doubt, endured ten years of overwhelming grief. I applaud the firefighters and police force and countless heroes that gave their lives to save others.

Have we forgotten them? I pray we never do.

But other than the events of September 11, 2001, I believe there is much more that we have failed to remember.

Have we forgotten that in the United States, 3,700 are aborted (i.e. murdered) each day for "convenience" sake? Worldwide, 115,00 per day are killed.

Have we forgotten that every day 6,000 children all over the world die from water-related illnesses?

Have we forgotten that about 25,000 people die every day of hunger or hunger-related causes – a huge majority of them being children? (That’s one person every three and a half seconds.)

Have we forgotten that every 45 minutes, someone dies due to drunk driving?

Have we forgotten that every day, approximately 150,000 die without Christ?

I pray, just as we vowed in 2001 to "never forget," that we will make that vow once more and NEVER forget the dire need all around us. Those hurting. Those grieving. Those hungry. Those in desperate need of love. Those searching for truth....

People need the Lord.....may we never forget that.

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