Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Our Favorite Preschool Apps

Though we are using lots of books, notepads, printables, and dry erase books, I have been utilizing my iPad for some of Nathan's education. He loves learning through interaction and so today I am sharing my favorite Apps that we currently use in our 3K schooling. :)

We love this app. This is probably Nathan's favorite game to play. It's full of Bible stories and is very easy for him to use. He loves listening to the narrator tell each story and the touch-activated characters and animals. I highly recommend getting this on your phone and your tablet! :)

This preschool game is among our favorites for matching skills, counting, shapes, colors, and patterns. Nathan loves making a train with the correct patterns and I love that it is both fun and super educational!

This is a very simple app that teaches toddlers to count from 1 to 20. They use everyday things your child sees like animals, food, and toys to engage them and keep them motivated. 

I'm using this app a lot more now that we have officially started 3K. This tracing app is wonderful in teaching your child how to properly write his/her upper and lowercase letters, their numbers (1-10), and over 20 basic shapes. It's very cute and very easy to use. Nathan absolutely loves it.

We want our children to learn Spanish and there is no better time to start than early on! Fun Spanish came highly recommended and I have been pleased with it thus far. It's designed for kids ages 3-10 and includes lessons, games, and music. Nathan has loved it and I'm learning some things as well. :)

Though I am not a fan of  reading books without actual HOLDING a book in my hands, iBooks has been a huge help in those times when our library does not have a certain book we want to read. Currently, we are reading Frog & Toad Are Friends and we are using iBooks to do it. It's been very beneficial and we will most likely continue to use iBooks in the future -- especially since we don't have to worry about crayon markings on the pages!

What about you? What are your favorite preschool apps? :)

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Mary Renee said...

My daughter LOVES the Bible app and I'm so excited to explore the others. Thanks!

And for others, in case they are looking...
The app listed as A5 tracing is showing up under "Little Writer - The tracing app for kids". :)
Took me a little bit to find.


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