Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Enjoying Christmas Through the Chaos

I'm sitting here, coffee in hand, basking in the stillness of naptime. :) I'm looking around at the twinkling lights on the tree and all of the ornaments hanging from it. Our first Christmas ornament with our wedding picture hangs in the center. And now we have TWO "Baby's 1st Christmas" ornaments on our tree! We have some that go back to when my husband and I were little that our families have given us. And there are new ones that are already so meaningful to me - even after only four short years.

There are presents wrapped under the tree. Special gifts for all the ones I love so, so, so very much.

Nathan and I have read from his "Countdown to Christmas" book and we have marked out today's date on the advent calendar.

Selah has been walking around in her cute little "my first Christmas" onesie and, I daresay, I don't think I've seen anything more adorable.

There is a candle burning and I have cookies in the oven for tonight's desert.

My precious little ones. I think they get cuter every day.

There is always so much going on during the holidays. Shopping, Christmas concerts, Christmas plays, Church events, office parties, baking, family gatherings... a lot of chaos can be found this time of year. And a lot of stress. This past month has definitely been full and busy. I'm actually kind of sad that one week from tomorrow it will all be over.

That's why I'm writing this. That's why I have stopped what I'm doing, I have sat down, and I'm just enjoying the moment. You've got to do that, you know? Sometimes it's good to tune it all out, say "No" to some of the things that pull you and just simplify. Just hold your little world tight and cherish it. Otherwise, if you're like me, you lose yourself in the goings and comings of all the festivities surrounding Christmas Day.

So stop.

Light a candle.

Sit down.

And enjoy.

It's Christmas. :) Have a merry one!

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