Wednesday, June 19, 2013

25 "Almost Free" Things to Do Outside With Little Boys

My little boy loves playing outside! But coming from a family of all girls, there have been times when I have had trouble coming up with fun activities for us to do. And maybe you have been in those same shoes. So here is a list of fun (and almost free!) things that we can do - outside - with our little man!

  1. Make Sidewalk Paint
  2. Color with Sidewalk Chalk
  3. Blow Bubbles
  4. Go for a walk
  5. Make S'mores
  6. Have a water gun fight
  7. Make a Garden Rock Caterpillar
  8. Go Exploring
  9. Play in the mud
  10. Make or buy a Slip 'n slide
  11. Finger paint
  12. Feed the ducks
  13. Play frisbee
  14. Wash the car
  15. Have a water Balloon fight
  16. Build a fort
  17. Fly a kite
  18. Go on a bug hunt
  19. Catch fireflies
  20. Play sidewalk games like Hopscotch
  21. Make Soap Mud
  22. Play hide-and-seek
  23. Make Windchimes
  24. Wash the dog
  25. Have a boy-themed picnic


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