Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Pregnancy Files | Week 39 | baby #2

38 weeks

In these final days of my pregnancy, I am trying to soak up what has been "normal" since the birth of my first. Today I am 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant. According to my OB, baby girl could quite possibly make her appearance today or tomorrow! That's her prediction and I am quite happy with that opinion! So here are my thoughts and feelings about this pregnancy... for the last time. :)

  • My doctor estimates that baby girl will be about 6 lbs. Petite! :) Everything looks perfectly healthy and normal.
  • She has been head down for three weeks which is GREAT!!
Her room - all ready!!
    As for me...
    • I am prepping for labor. I have posts in the making that will explain what I have been doing, what I have been taking, and how it has worked for me.
    • I haven't had any new stretch marks this pregnancy, but in these final weeks I have noticed that my former stretch marks have become even more difficult to see. This is good news. What have I been doing? Vitamin E oil and Lavender essential oil.
    • Not much swelling. My feet and ankles have swollen occasionally and my fingers are a little swollen, though not nearly as bad as last time. Epsom salt baths and ingesting apple cider vinegar (with the mother) helps!
    • Other than fruit, the only craving I have had in my third trimester has been granola bars.
    • I am dilating well. "The time" could be any moment!

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