Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wholesome Cartoons for Kids

Early in my pregnancy with Nathan, I knew that I was going to have to carefully monitor any cartoon or television show that was playing in front of my child(ren). With TV shows and cartoons steadily becoming more and more worldly, I realized that I would have to be more diligent than ever in guarding my son's eyes, ears, and heart from the pollution that is flooding our country. I made a list of what was acceptable and what was not. Now, when Nathan has TV time, I decide what will benefit him and what I believe isn't wholesome. For example, if there is any disobedient and/or argumentative behavior, it is not allowed. If there is any reference to witches, wizards, or such, it is turned off. Sadly, in today's media, that doesn't leave room for much to watch anymore. However, good, clean, wholesome entertainment is still out there. And I praise God for it!

Below are some cartoons that I have found to be wonderful and wholesome.

For Nathan's birthday, my parents introduced us to Little Angels. I must say, it's quite adorable. In the 123's episode pictured above, the children are taken by the little angels through Bible stories like Noah's Ark and David & Goliath as they learn to count. We also received the Animals episode that went through stories like Daniel in the Lion's Den.

I'm sure everyone is familiar with Veggie Tales. For years, I have enjoyed watching the cute little Bible stories told by Bob the tomato, Larry the cucumber and all their veggie-and-fruit pals. Many of their stories are classic tales (i.e. Sweet Pea Beauty and Robin Good) that incorporate wholesome and Biblical values, while others (my favorites) are stories directly from the Bible (i.e. David and the Giant Pickle and Josh & the Big Wall). In my opinion, they do a good job at mixing "Sunday morning values with Saturday morning fun."

I stumbled upon this precious little movie at a store not long ago and, giving how we love dogs, I purchased it, hoping it would be a good watch. And it was. At Jesus' Side is the story of Jericho, the street dog, who befriends and follows Jesus throughout the last week of his life through the resurrection. It is a very sweet little movie.

The Three Trees is the story about three trees with three different dreams of what they want to be. One tree longs to be a beautiful chest that will hold treasures. Another tree dreams of being a great ship fit for a king, sailing the oceans. The third tree wants to remain rooted and strong, growing to be the tallest tree in the forest and reminding others of God's glory when they look up at his stature. Each tree has a dream, but each each tree must learn to trust God and HIS dreams for you instead. It is absolutely precious. I love it.

Do you allow your children to watch TV and movies? Are there any wholesome DVDs you like?

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