Thursday, October 13, 2011

Six Months Old

Six months old. SIX months old. Yesterday I was uploading pictures and videos from my camera and looking through them, and... Nathan is no longer a little baby. He is half way to a year old. That is both sad and sweet.

We are having a busy month, but all is going well. Nathan is growing and slowly putting some more meat on his bones. He is developing quite the personality! Here's the latest:

  • He has started scooting. I have always kept him on a blanket when he is on the floor but lately he has been quickly scooting OFF the blanket. It's halarious.
  • I have upped his soft solid food intake to twice a day. Lunchtime and dinner time. It's helping and he is getting used to it. He now eats oatmeal, thanks to a tip from my Mom (mix it with applesauce).
  • His sleeping is still excellent. He goes down for the night in between 7:30-8:15 p.m. and wakes around 7:30-7:45 a.m. Along with that, he takes three naps during the day. One around 9 a.m., one around 1:30 p.m. and another around 4 p.m. However, he has a new habit of playing when I first lay him down. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's not. lol.
  • When he wants something, he gets it. If he wants a toy, he will find a way to scoot towards it and he will pick it up (and put it in his mouth). He holds on great.
  • He is now "talking." That means he is squealing (loudly) and saying "bababababa" over and over. Grant thinks he is saying "Dada," however, I'M convinced he is saying "bottle." I guess we'll find out one day.


He is sooooo melt-momma's-heart cute!

In his cute little footie pjs!

Watchin' Mickey Mouse Clubhouse


With Marmee and aunt Cici

Family pic in revival

Mommy loooooves her little boy!

Playing on the road

With aunt Deedee

Scootin' off the blanket

Fast asleep :)

Flat worn out!!

Close to sittin' up by himself!!! (P.S. I adore this picture)

"Better lock up your daughters, people. They are gonna want me!" hehehe

Playing with his "smart phone." Yes, I got him one. Couldn't resist.

.....he luvs it

I'm SIX months old!!!!
"Yeah, I'm halfway to a year old.....don't cry, Mom."

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