Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reaching for You

Nathan has a new thing. He reaches. A lot.

When he wants a toy, he reaches for it. When he sees the shiny necklace I wear, he reaches out to snatch it
(because, of course, he wants to eat it!). When someone comes up and says, "Well, hello you little cutie!" he grins and reaches out his arm towards them. So sweet.

My personal favorite is when I am lying down next to him, or holding him up in my lap and talking to him, and he reaches out and touches my face. Some of our sweetest moments have been when we have caught each others' eyes and he reaches out to me, wanting to touch my cheeks, my eyes, my lips, my nose. Yesterday afternoon, I was lying down next to him as we were **trying** to take a nap. For some reason, as tired as he was, he was just too keyed up to sleep knowing Mommy was right there beside him. He would turn to me and reach out his little hand and touch my shoulder. Then he would coo and gurgle, and stretch his arm out to reach my face. I would look at him and he would give me his cute little smile. As I laid there, part of me wishing he would so I could take a nap too, and the other part of me hoping he never, ever quits, I began to wonder if I do the same to my Lord.

When I feel His presence, do I get all excited, unable to sleep or do my own thing?

When He is right beside me, do I reach out to Him? Just to touch Him?

Of course, I WANT Him near me. Yes, I WANT His presence....but do I REACH for Him? Do I reach out my hands in His direction, stretching with all my might to reach Him? To touch a part of Him?

Motherhood can bring so much joy, but sometimes motherhood is convicting. I see my baby adoring me, giggling when I talk to him, opening his mouth to eat my finger or lick my face, following me with his eyes as I walk past him, and holding out his hand to touch me. I see my boy do that to me....and I'm human. I'll let him down in life. I will fail. Yet my God never fails. My Father will never let me down. And gracious, if I am His child, should I not reach, with all that is in me, for Him?

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isaacsgirl said...

I LOVE IT! WHat a beautiful beautiful picture.

"Behold, as the eyes of servants look to the hand of their master, As the eyes of a maid to the hand of her mistress, So our eyes look to the LORD our God, Until He is gracious to us." (Psalm 123:2)


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