Monday, April 6, 2015

Silly Bunny, Easter is About Jesus

I find it very sad that Christian parents are having to constantly fight the world to keep Christ as the center of our holidays. Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny seem to be the two we struggle with the most as they are at the forefront of our two most important Christian celebrations.

My little boy is currently in love with all things Bible - and I absolutely love that. He is always some Bible character or telling us a Bible story or, more recently, asking questions about Jesus and His death on the cross. This Easter in particular, he is very interested in the story of Jesus and His resurrection which made me all the more excited to do some fun things with my kiddos to celebrate this special time of year.

On the Tuesday before Easter, I gathered my two oldest and we made an Empty Garden Tomb! First, we went outside with a bowl and our garden shovel....

We found a nice patch of grass and dirt and dug it up and plopped it into our bowl.

....we found a pretty flower too

I was too busy keeping little hands away from the knife to document, but once inside, we took a semi-large potato and I cut off one end, then made a small hole for the inside of the tomb. We took the tip of the end I had cut and used that as the stone door to cover the opening.

Nathan ran outside to gather some rocks....

Then he ran up to his room and got his toy Jesus that He HAD to put beside the empty tomb.

Very proud of himself!
Our spunky little helper, all covered in chocolate

To get these great paper banners, you can click here for the free PDF file
over at

Our finished work! 

Once we finished, we settled down with our favorite Easter DVD, He is Risen, from the Nest Family Series. I used to love this DVD as a child and now I am very happy that both my children love watching it as well.

**On a side note, we also love the new Superbook DVD's.

On the Saturday before Easter, we brought out the Resurrection Eggs and had a wonderful time teaching our kids more about the significance of Good Friday and Easter Sunday. They gathered up all 12 eggs in record time, then we ran back inside with our Bible and Resurrection Eggs pamphlet.

As each egg was opened, they discovered a special symbol inside that told the story of the last week of Jesus' life, ending with his resurrection. I highly recommend this great alternative.

It's so important to saturate our children with the things of God. I encourage you to do all you can to make each day, especially our beloved Christian holidays, completely and utterly about Jesus.

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