Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Year With Selah

Today is my baby girl's 1st birthday!

Wait, what?! What happened to my newborn?! Where did the year go?!

It's been a whirlwind. Literally! From the first labor pain, to the first smile; from the first giggle to the first step, it's been a fast-paced, exciting, and fun ride. Being that I am in a dreadfully emotional state about this, I will just share some favorite pictures of Selah Elizabeth's first year.

Holding my baby girl for the first time! She's looking at me so calm, which is hysterical 
for those that know her and her personality (she is anything but calm!).
I was still in shock as it had been a very fast labor and delivery! 
Go read her birth story here. It's one for the books!

Selah at 12 hours old. So tiny and precious.
Photo credit: Bella Baby Photography

Isn't this newborn portrait beautiful?!? She was just shy of two weeks old here. 
Courtesy of Stephanie Sullivan Photography, it's one of my all-time favorite pictures of my Selah.

Baby girl at two months. This was the Sunday of her baby dedication, 
where we publicly dedicated her to the Lord and vowed to train her up in the ways of God. 

P.S. The dress she's wearing was made by my mom. Isn't it just darling?

This picture makes me smile every time I look at it. :) When we brought Selah home, 
Nathan was very upset with us for bringing a new kid to his turf.  Fast forward all of 
two days, and he was about as in love with her as we were. :) Now they are the best of friends 
and this picture captures their relationship. She simply adores him. :)

Ah, the famous Selah-pout. The child knows how to turn it on. 
And she's full of drama. Oh, and she knows how to work her daddy! ;)

As cute as this picture is, Selah was actually very displeased with me for leaving her on a 
blanket....on the the sun. She's giving me the stare-down here. :) :)
Don't be fooled, though, she actually does love being outside. 

Two words: those eyes. My kids really have piercing eyes. 

These two were taken with our Christmas portraits. I <3 them so much!
P.S. And Saysay looks like her daddy. :)

Little beauty. :) She is so much fun.

Courtesy of Joanie Smith Photography, these two were taken to
document her turning a whole year old! Precious girl. Time needs to chill
and slow down! 

Happy Birthday, my little one.

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