Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ministry Opportunities for the Single

Even in Christian circles, many single young people are treated as though their lives haven't yet begun because they are not married. Well, I disagree. My single years gave me so much ministry experience. I was blessed with many opportunities to minister that would not have been as effective had my focus been on vain relationships. And had I believed that my gifts were not valuable nor needed until matrimony, then I would have missed out on so many life changing experiences where I was given the honor of helping and blessing other people.

I firmly believe that the single years are a gift from God. It's a chance to learn about yourself and the Lord. Without a boyfriend, I was able to fall in love with Jesus and make Him alone the source of my happiness. It prepared me for marriage and motherhood. When I kept my focus off of dating relationships, I was free to serve the Lord without any distraction. And in serving and ministering while single, I was unknowingly being equipped for my future - in serving my husband and my children.

So you are single. What can you possibly do? Here are some great ways that you can serve NOW as a single young person.

  • Visit hospitals and nursing homes. Have you seen the lack of visitors some people receive when they are undergoing treatments or care? I have. My homeschool group used to go and sing every year at a local nursing home. I will never forget how happy they were to see and hear us. Go visit. Read to them. Sing to them. Pray with them. Simply ask about their lives. That goes a long way to blessing their hearts.
  • Use your gifts in your Church. Do you sing? Play an instrument? Have a knack with drama? Can you teach children? Can you help clean? There are so many ways we can use our natural, God-given gifts and talents to bless our Church. Start a puppet ministry. Volunteer to clean the Church or the lawn. Sing or play specials. Pray and let God show you what to do.
  • Sponsor an Orphan. There are over 150 million orphans in the world today. If they are not helped, they will continue in poverty, human trafficking, slavery, and other desperate circumstances. You can help them! Visit Cry of the OrphanHis Little FeetWorld Orphans, Danita's Children whom we support, or All God's Children to learn how you can sponsor a child. It usually doesn't require much money at all.
  • Write to a sponsored child. If you are unable to give money to sponsor a child, pray about writing to one. There are some men and women who sponsor multiple children but do not have the time to write to them. That is something you can do! Compassion has a way that you can do just this!
  • Help the slaves. Human trafficking is the 2nd largest criminal enterprise and the fastest growing in the world. And it's here in America. We support Project Rescue which rescues and restores victims throughout India, Nepal, Moldova, Bangladesh, Tajikistan, and Spain. Consider Project Rescue or visit Slavery No MoreU Count Campaign, International Justice Board, or She Has a Name to learn more about their ministries and how you can help.
  • Give to Orphanages. At Orphan's Heart, you can see a list of materials needed. Buckner has a gift catalog where you can choose the amount you are able to spend, and then shop online for supplies, care, and gifts. Shoes For Orphan Souls is a ministry that provides shoes for poverty stricken children. Gain USA is another place where you can give aid to children and children's homes.
  • Street witnessing. Some of the greatest memories I have come from street witnessing. I did it in Brazil, in Israel, and here in America. You will learn a lot about how the world views Christ and have the honor of presenting Christ to a soul in front of you. Get a group together and hit the streets. Or if you are alone, witness at the gas station or at a restaurant. Lifestyle witnessing is fine and well, but nothing surpasses the power of words. Be willing, open your mouth, and let Jesus do the rest.
  • Begin a Bible study. Host it in your home or in a class at school if you can. Or maybe meet early or on a weeknight at Church. However you can do it, it is a great ministry opportunity to gather others to you and open up the Bible. You don't have to be a Bible scholar. You can simply discuss what God is doing in your own life and search the Scriptures to encourage and strengthen your peers.
  • Write/Blog. If you enjoy writing, then open up a Blogger or Wordpress account (both free hosting blog domains) and get to it! Share your testimony. Share Bible devotionals. Write candidly of what Christ is teaching you. Be an inspiration to others. Share Biblical wisdom that can help and reach hearts.

These are just a few ways that you can minister to the world - right now! - as a single young person. Embrace your opportunities and go be His hands and feet.


AH said...

Other ways of ministering or giving back are through the Operation Christmas Child Samaritan's Purse Shoebox Ministry, as well as UMCOR kits. There are also NEW kits that are specifically for Arkansas for those who prefer to make kits that will stay local.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post, Kristen! Thank you for sharing. I find that for me blogging is a wonderful way to share what God has been teaching me and I have found so much encouragement from it as well! Blessings to you!


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